NEW MOON in PISCES March 17th, 2018


and.. SCOPES for the week of March 13th, 2018

Unlike a Full Moon, New Moons open gateways. As we approach this gateway, so to speak, nerve-wracking Uranus and a robust Mars rally and usher us through.   The feeling we’ve just chugged a can Red Bull will persist before, during, and after, the Piscean New Moon opening on March 17th.

Leading up to it we’re granted an opportunity to intuitively touch a nagging nerve. It’s been there as an underlying ‘thing’, a feel in the background, that either 1. we don’t want to look at, never mind clearly identify and 2. probably haven’t been able to explain it even if we could.  Yet, when a nerve is struck, can’t help but react, and so we will be urged to express something even if that means colouring outside our self-defined lines. 

At the time of the Full Moon, two weeks ago,  I mentioned that we would be able to feel this New Moon. It could show up physically, amplify our psychic sensitivities or otherwise show up as a dramatic unfoldment. As is often the case, without a mirror handy, we may not catch our obvious to others ‘tells’ via gesture and tone of voice.

It’ll be the reactions and consequential happenings that are likely to inform us, clarify with greater certainty what that nagging nerve has been all about. In short, whatever you’re putting out there, in part, is set to reveal a piece of your own personal puzzle. Chiron, the wounded healer and keeper of our sorest sore spots has been on the edge of Pisces, preparing to move into Warrior Aries for about a year.  This isn’t new. It’s just being aggravated in a harsh angle to Mars this week. Still, it may feel new as we grapple with making part of our unconscious, conscious.

On the same day as the New Moon, Mars speeds into Capricorn where it slows the pace. The stop, consider, plan, think, be practical theme that’s been broadcast since Saturn entered Capricorn at the end of 2017 insists we tread with caution. But we’re all geared up. The drive is there. The pressure is on. How the heck do you slow down? My guess is you do but you don’t ;). It’s a pressure that, consolidated, can lead to a drastic change in perspective- a growth spurt.

On the other hand, if you act too soon, react too rashly, the pressure may dissipate briefly. However, whatever release it brings could lead to a wilder rocking of the boat. And what then? We’ll still have to find our footing, only we’ll have disturbed our own ground. I suppose, any response elicits the necessity of learning a few new dance moves.

Another bright side of the Piscean New Moon works to stretch us beyond our previous capacities. It is a welcome lunation, an aid, to help us understand both our selves and the implications of a newly revived soul urge. It can be disorienting to a point, more so if we haven’t permitted ourselves to go this far, until now. The unofficial task of rewriting our self-governing rulebooks, moral manifestos and the re-working of our suppositions can be a long and hard one or matter of short, sweet decisive rearrangement.

In some respect, we’ve done this before, on some level. We’ve grown. We’ve changed. How did we make it from childhood to teenage-hood, to adulthood? Each of those transitions share a quality akin to trying to find your feet while walking on unfamiliar air.

As the Moon builds, then, skipping on into warrior Aries, also on the 17,th it’ll be surprising how quickly our confidence is regained, how quickly our spirits pick up on the new flow and move us along. Amazing what a few adjustments to our mindset can do.

Also, a few days after the new lunar cycle begins, on the 19th, Uranus’ vibes, once again, seek to snap us out of old patterns, simultaneously demanding our focus on the here and now. The walking on air metaphor works here too. Like swinging from monkey bar to monkey bar, there’s a moment necessary to hang, unattached, in suspension, before grabbing hold of the next bar.

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Sneak peak into next week…

Mercury begins its first retrograde phase of the year on March 23rd continuing to April 15th. Its effects can be felt as early as this week up until May 15th –yes, the same day Uranus moves into Taurus. Hang tight. Focus. The implications of the ‘next move’, considered under the New Moon, requires attention a while longer. Expect an active April and May.

SCOPES for the week of March 13th, 2018 

Under a New Moon, Mars sign change and angle to Chiron, here’s the gist of this week’s astrology for your sun sign:


Responsible Rebels.
Reputation. Respite.
Creative Fires. Brilliant Children.
Experience hasn’t taught everything…yet.


The Learning Curve. The School of Life.
Familial love.
Broken Records.
Broken friends and the sweet songs they play.
Dreaming in fire. The need to rewire –


Labors of love. Longevity. Loans. Liens.
Funny Friends. Kooky Co-workers. Devoted Daredevils.
The Wish. The Practical Optimist.
Creative Careers. Dreamy Parameters.


Love. Travel.
Twist of fate. A different direction
A different state. of. Mind.
Relationships. Official deals.
The contract. The purpose.
Family heads. Achilles heels.
Teaching. Leading. Being.
An example. The difference.
The one. The ones that will always
Mean a great deal.


Back to work. Sticking to the plan.
Working the plan. The money dreams
Travel. Novelty. Winging it.
Standby tickets. Legalities.
Parenthood. Trusts. Kids
Education. Security
Long distances. Health and Regularity.


Devotions. Deceptions. A home without walls.
Creative Direction. Understandings. Resurrections.
Bold. Brave. Order. Chaos.
Kids with class.
Money. Loans. Freedoms.
Risks. Losses. Changes that last.


Independence. Fire-breathers.
Day-to-day boundaries. Day-to-day desire.
Spiritual health. Triggered wires.
Ball and Chains. Home and Hearth.
Locks. Keys. Contracts.
Performances and Chimpanzees.


Money wise. In writing. And re-writing.
The long-term. Retirements. Safeguarding.
Structure building. Word wielding.
Children. Childhood. Trust. Chiding.
Health. Nerves. Excitement.
Abating. Abiding.


Loving. Leading. Restricting.
The funds. The fierce.
Unsteady. Fun.
Risks. The Redos. The Misses.
The Challenge. The Lessons.
Laws of the Jungle.
Kids. Rebellions. Children. Weapons.
Creative Bents. Impromptu Sessions.


Buckle up. You’re going for drive.
For. The. Drive. You’ve got the drive.
A dream. A sense. A knowing.
You’re coming ‘round the bend.
Taking that corner.
A dream. A sense. A knowing.
There is somewhere to go
With this…
That’s what the universe is showing.


Time for a break
From friends and foes.
Working. Building. The next set
For the next show.
Time alone. Focus. Direction.
The next big step coming close.
A home move? A different scene?
A different job?
A family shake-up.
What’s been the same for too long.


In search of different folks.
People that can help.
People that know the ropes.
The solo train, scattered brain approach
Isn’t on this map.
Talking, meeting, new places, new jobs
Different strokes.
Could argue. Could dream
Could place your stake
In something,
only to leave.