Tuesday, January 17th, 2017


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As Mars glides over those final degrees of Pisces, entering Aries in just another week and a half many will feel the need to prepare in some way. The sense that we need to take a more active role in how we steer ourselves into a future free from current constraints has no doubt been a topic of idle wanderings. It is fair to say we are almost always looking for a way up or out. However, the cosmos has been quite specifically broadcasting that message via a fine, ethereal mist so to speak. Whether or not you’ve picked up on these rather wonky vibes it is safe to say that things have become confusing, an unsteadiness on some level. It would depend on how much you allow this state of limbo to affect you of course. The temptation then to plug away with the idea that this is ‘business as usual’ is a strategy quite a few would follow yet isn’t likely to be the most effective.

That brings me to the placements of Mars and Saturn that suggest we are likely to behave in a manner that coincides with an assumption of what we think others want to hear (or what we what to believe). In another way, the temptation to put on a face hoping to convince others (or ourselves) that hypocrisy is someone else’s problem creates an interesting set-up. We may unwittingly create a scenario that will eventually back us into a corner, at risk of being called-out and suffering embarrassment when the real-deal reveals itself. On the other hand, we may double down and end up struggling to keep up with passions that we all of a sudden realize didn’t run as deep as we thought. It is never easy to feign real passion and considering it is inextricably tied to energy levels well… I am sure you get the picture.

Towards the end of the week Pluto and Neptune are both favorably angled to Venus and Mercury, respectively. There is a good chance we can avoid fooling ourselves and get on with the real stuff in earnest effort to begin making a difference in our lives … that is if you’re tuning in and not away from that little voice. As a side note, that little voice doesn’t always jive with logic. It does not merely draw on material reality and the systems of living we abide by in order to make sense of the world. There is a vastness within us, around us that has so much more to share—just ask that little voice.

ARIES: Inside out and outside in – both perspectives will be equally valuable in how you direct yourself this week Aries. Pluto has been working on you to make some big changes along the lines of complete transformation for years now – especially in terms of home and career. The opportunities have always been there.

TAURUS: Old friends, past loves, secret wishes resurface (if only in your mind’s eye) as you let go of what you thought you understood. It should be fairly easy (maybe a touch uncomfortable) to shed that skin as refined truths, wisdoms quickly replace those same old repetitious queries. Of course, the merry go round may still keep going you might just want to switch seats.

GEMINI: There is a good chance a dream job (more money, or a better position) is on offer. To be clear, there is a lot of potential for what you are presented. It will take some effort (and guts perhaps) to dig a little deeper into what this is all about. In another vein, this could be something that triggers a ball rolling in another direction or sees you contemplating more than a few different paths. If you are thinking about going back to school it’s worth looking into.

CANCER: What’s love got to do with it? Everything really. And so you might want to take the opportunity of the skies as they are and contemplate what exactly love means to you. While you may be tempted to settle on a quick and easy definition it’s the act of contemplating the word that moves you towards or away from a particular commitment (intimate or otherwise).

LEO: There are a few things going on this week – all hinged on your financial situation. Either you’re feeling a touch stuck not making enough considering your current position or can earn more at something your not really into. In both cases, by the end of the week you’ll have good reason to believe that gains come with losses and losses with gain. Green grass doesn’t discriminate on which side it wants to grow.

VIRGO: The image of the ‘future you’ is gaining ground. And if there is one thing you know for sure it’s that steadfast commitment is mandatory. That’s not to say that is the only factor involved. As a marked Piscean influence has been in play commitments of any kind, the support, or lack of a close ‘other’ and a deeper desire to plainly express yourself have tangled together causing tension and/or confusion. Try not to worry about the knots Virgo and keep the picture of that ‘future you’ handy. It’ll help move you through these last few weeks after which you’ll be better able to ‘cut through’.

LIBRA: You may have papers to sign or find clarity in your communication style is of greater importance this week Libra. As the Sun moves into Aquarius on the 19th you could get ahead of yourself that can both help and hinder your efforts to share useful information. If you do find yourself consumed with thoughts of what’s next chances are those are the moments where disconnects will happen. The solution? Stay present, make lists or write in a journal to pour out your thoughts and ideas. Not everyone will be able to keep up with your thought process so staying on the same page every step of the way will make a difference.

SCORPIO: The clearest of intentions can see you through any rough spots this week Scorpio. That is, it will be important to know exactly where you are coming from in relation to others and fully understanding what it is you want for yourself. Of course, it is always wise to have a good grasp in that respect. However, this week there are several ‘openings’ or opportunities that have the promise of delivering just what you have been hoping for. If you are signing papers or dealing with contracts of any kind make sure to speak up if something doesn’t quite jive and/or don’t be afraid to make your thoughts known.

SAGITTARIUS: You may find yourself in a sticky situation on the 19th. Either you are exuding a matter of fact attitude about an issue when in truth you are feeling less than sure or you are banking on supports that you aren’t sure will come through when the time comes. In any case, abiding to the ‘laws’ of your deepest values will carry you through unscathed.Anything that happens on the outskirts really can’t touch a strong central ground.

CAPRICORN: There a sense that you aren’t quite sure where you are going with this – maybe feeling a bit lost or have found a muse that whisks you away more often than usual? Whatever the case, pressing for more structure or trying to gain too much control (demanding more discipline from yourself or others) would be counterproductive to an obliviously blooming imagination. If you don’t consider yourself ‘a creative’ chances are your sensitivities are increased particularly to your current environment or concerning a work project. In short, this is a fertile period for you Capricorn and it would be a shame if you tried to stuff your inspirations in too small a box. Go easy on yourself.

AQUARIUS: The Sun moves into your sign on the 19th allowing for a little more fresh air to enter your life. As is the case every year just before your birthday the faster moving planets gather in your solar twelfth house of ‘undoing’. During this time you may find yourself feeling less than energetic or immersed in tying of loose ends. No doubt you’ve gone through some kind of completion process over the last month and are ready to ‘greet the day’ again. That said, hopefully you are feeling a touch more at ease and content to carry on with a more simplified routine. This is especially true in relation to finances. If you don’t love what you do chances are you will be considering alternatives.

PISCES: If you are not confident about what you are aiming for or hope to achieve the powers that be won’t exactly be all ears to your proposals. This is likely to play out on the career front. However, the same sentiment holds true in other areas of your life. In short, it will be important to have clear intentions before pushing ahead. Keep in mind it would be wise to resist assuming you know the intentions of another or group. Closer to the end of the week your intuitive vibes are sharp leading to an investigation of sorts – see where it takes you before casting judgment. The information you uncover could be more beneficial than you think, considering where you stand in relation to a much bigger ‘machine’ at work.



January 11th, 2017


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Mercury’s brief return to Sagittarius was a reminder that it’s not over yet. There is a wide world we have yet to explore (within and without) – if only we can coax our heads to face forward without regret. Step two – open our eyes a little wider, begin to fathom how much more there is yet to discover and be willing to take the long road into those unexplored spaces.

Once Mercury steps back into Capricorn on the 12th (the same day as the Full Moon in Cancer) it’ll be an ideal time to pivot away from the past. It might feel as though you’re leaving home for the first time – deliberately stepping out of our comfort zone. It’s funny how clinging to what once was can be both such a burden and comfort at the same time. It should be mentioned that a quick release from reliance on familiarities we cling to (emotionally, mentally, even physically) will not with the pace the planetary influences are setting. Rather, it will be akin to strolling forward, glancing back often with a pause – realizing things are not what they were. Whatever was back there slowly fades from view with each step forward. Needless to say our focus on the future will increasingly sharpen.

“There is no sense in punishing your future for the mistakes of your past. Forgive yourself, grow from it, and then let it go.” Melanie Koulouris

“In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.” Andrea Dykstra

“It’s not a matter of letting go – you would if you could. Instead of “Let it go,” we should probably say “Let it be.”


Despite the cosmic insistence to pace yourself you’ll be tempted to take shortcuts – two or three steps ahead when a single mindful step might get you further in the end. That isn’t to say you’d be wrong to bolt forward – after all it is more your style and so behaving authentically counts for a lot. A strongpoint with Aries is throwing caution to the wind, jumping first, dealing with the consequences later. It’s perhaps your preferred way to learn life lessons and earns you the reputation of bold adventurer amongst the other zodiac members. It’s why you are often known as life of the party Aries. That said overworking a ‘strong point’ can turn it into a weakness.

Keep in mind that the Full Moon in Cancer will inspire the emergence of emotions that have been tucked away. Thus, as they rise to the surface it would be wise to give yourself a little time to allow them up and out. These next decisions will take better hold if they are not based on old emotional patterns. Particularly, ideas about home/family vs. career and relationship vs. individual needs may have to be re-calibrated to find your center.

“You don’t need strength to let go of something. What you really need is understanding.” – Guy Finely

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the New.” -Socrates


You won’t need an awful lot of cajoling to begin thinking about what needs to change. In fact, I bet you have already boarded the boat and are strategizing how to handle what comes next. Still, Mercury has resumed its trek forward so this is just the beginning of what could be a long journey ahead. As earthy Capricorn’s influence is steady at the helm you wont want to rush through this process. Additionally the Full Moon in Cancer on the 12th stirs emotional waters that will demand your time and attention to the current moment. There is quite a bit to chew on here that can teach you a ton –not only how and why you’ve dealt with emotions they way you have until now but new ways to cruise with emotional swells in the future.

Issues that come up are likely related to your mother/mother figure or your childhood – sensitive matters no doubt. Thus talking it out with a trusted soul can help you ‘keep it real’ and in the ‘now’. In particular, Venus and Neptune’s conjunction in Pisces suggests that you’ll be disentangling that which has been either romanticized (held up as a defense from a less than ideal reality) or demonized (as a result of comparing ‘it’ to an impossible ideal). In any case, your understanding of a major theme or long held view proves in need of reframing.

“The more you know yourself the more clarity there is. Self-knowledge has no end – you don’t come to an achievement, you don’t come to a conclusion. It is an endless river.”  ~ Unknown 

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.”  ~ Anna Quindlen

“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.”  ~ Buddha


If you have been overthinking, hesitant to make a decision, Mercury’s return to Sagittarius will hopefully bring some relief and clarity. In other words, a newly defined factor affecting your decision-making process tempers those mental wheels from spinning madly. That said, no matter what you choose/have chosen some kind of change is on the agenda. Your finances will likely need to be managed differently and with long-term goals in mind. In fact, these last few weeks have probably brought to your attention that maintaining a steady eye on the far off future (in terms of financial security) can offer you the most freedom and flexibility later on – at time when it will count for more? In the meantime, you may be able to finagle the position of master of ceremonies on these or other rainy days if you play your cards right. To be clear, you stand to be rewarded for resisting the urge to follow whims for the next little while. If this sounds like a simply awful existence to you Gemini consider that if you choose to slow down and not deliberately seek excitement and adventure chances are the cosmos will fill in that imagined gap and carry you toward new and novel experiences anyway. In short, you won’t necessarily have to put in as much effort as you think you do in order to make the sun shine.

“The bad news: nothing is permanent. The good news: nothing is permanent.” — Lolly Daskal

“Live as if you were living for the second time and had acted as wrongly the first time as you are about to act now.” -Viktor Frankl

“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.” –Elbert Hubbard


It is all too easy to get confused, or feel off track as you mull through the details of your life – present details perhaps further complicated by a past that remains very much alive in your mind. Thus, the tug of war going on (happening internally yet might act itself out in your external world) pulls strongly on one side only to flip to the other. One moment you are throwing your hands up in the air saying ‘fuck it’ and the next finding solid reasoning why you should hold on to this responsibility of sorts. Darling, the old cliché only you are responsible for the makings of your life may help you find the balance point. Even better, working to gain a deeper understanding of this issue (how you feel, react in response) can make this an outstanding learning experience – something worth its weight in gold as far as your personal evolution is concerned. In short, you have at least as much to gain as you have to lose so might as well embrace the moment either way.

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”— Anthony J. D’Angelo

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” Thomas Merton


If you have been feeling impatient, as if there was an itch that needed scratching but couldn’t quite manage to reach it Mercury’s return to Capricorn this week can act like a soothing balm. That doesn’t mean those annoyances will go away. It is more like you’ve grown a little stronger, have built up a healthy resistance to what you have felt was in your way. The long game has greater importance in your life at the moment – some semblance of tangible proof leaves little doubt of that fact. Thus, it is likely you have began to realize that allowing yourself to become too easily aggravated this early on may be part of the problem. In other words, it’ll be important to work on getting out of your own way if you are hoping others will reflect the same in kind. That said, just as you bolster your resolve to remain steady as she goes you might be tested with a few more ‘ughs’ and ‘geeze Louises’. Isn’t that always the way? It may be a good idea to remind yourself that you’ll be building greater internal strength, becoming more resilient in the process.

“The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.” ― Mark Twain

Resilience is, of course, necessary for a warrior. But a lack of empathy isn’t. Phil Klay


Last week, Mercury dipped back into your family and domestic sector insisting you re-consider what home means to you. This may have been contemplated on a rather basic level or more deeply, philosophically. in other words maybe you have simply put the final touches on a home renovation or rearrangement of your living space. Setting yourself up for a long-term project or prepping yourself to hit the dating scene are other possibilities. Of course, with Virgo, preparation can sometimes be the most important element in any ‘task’ you’ve chosen to take on. Unlike any other member of the zodiac the cosmic urging to tackle future visions/goals with a long, slow, methodical approach does not dampen your resolve. While not all Virgos will be patient chances are you will be able to maintain a steady, enviable grasp on the ideal your after. This may in fact be the reason why the billionaires of the world are most often born under a Virgo Sun – Pisces are up there as well.

The Full Moon in Cancer (on the 12th) and Mars conjunction to Chiron (on the 16th)  will serve as a reminder that focusing on your own vision for the future can come with a certain amount of push back from others. Hold the vision. You might even be tempted to slide down the dark end of self-criticism- in effect standing in your own way. If you must criticize yourself try to use it as a way to move up Virgo.

“From my own experience, I want to say that you should follow your heart, and the mind will follow you. Believe in yourself, and you will create miracles.”— Kailash Satyarthi

“It’s difficult to believe in yourself because the idea of self is an artificial construction. You are, in fact, part of the glorious oneness of the universe. Everything beautiful in the world is within you.” Russell Brand


There has been quite a bit of ‘information’ thrown your way Libra. Just when you thought you had all the facts Mercury’s return to Sagittarius ‘enlightened’ you even further. Does this change everything? Probably, at least for now. The positive side of having to deal with these new factors is that it allows you to begin thinking more clearly about the future you are building and have built up until now. In short, if the need to re-direct presents itself it would be wise to start trekking – making sure to thin out the luggage you’ve been carrying. In short, the Full Moon in Cancer (on the 12th) and Mars’ conjunction to Chiron (on the 16th) suggest arranging your schedule/time in a way that is more conducive to what gaining what you expect you’ll need or what you’ll hope to have down the road.

“There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more.” Lord Byron

“There’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.” Steven Wright


You may be thinking “I am worth more than this” “I can do better than this”. You would be on the right track. However, understanding the heart behind those sentiments is what will make the difference between rolling forward or left spinning on the spot. For instance, “I am worth more than this” suggests blaming yourself for being who and where you are presently – an interpretation that can stifle and discourage. Perhaps considering a slight variation such as “I have done so much to achieve this level of self worth – I wonder what more I am capable of?” can assist in nudging the wheel forward positively with potential of building greater confidence in yourself.

The phrase “I can do better than this” might motivate you into action. However, expecting more from your self can also easily slide into feeling discouraged should those expectations not be met in the immediate. In this case, consider re-visiting the idea of what is best for the person you have become relative to the life situation you are currently experiencing.

“Nobody’s life is ever all balanced. It’s a conscious decision to choose your priorities every day.” Elisabeth Hasselbeck

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.” Steve Jobs

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” ~ Maya Angelou


It is likely you’ve briefly returned to yourself Sagittarius. Your role,outward identity may or may not have been reflecting what you truly value who you are on the inside. This week as Mercury resumes its tour of Capricorn you will indeed be working on integrating any discrepancies you’ve recently discovered. It will be a slow process. Chances are overtime you’ve grabbed a hold of these realizations, so to speak, you end up learning something else. The experiences and revelations you’ve had before the New Year up until now leave feeling not quite sure anymore. Thus, there is some hesitancy to jump ahead without first delving a little deeper into the heart of intentions as they relate to your ‘big picture’.  Take your time. Capricorn’s influence encourages an unrushed period of contemplation to ensure that when you do ‘make a move’ it will be onto solid ground. Also, keep in mind that action planet Mars can sometimes feel lost the in nebulous waters of Pisces. That said, you might have to swim in circles for a bit before you catch sight of the shore again and are confident enough to believe you aren’t fooling yourself.

Lastly the Full Moon in Cancer suggests an emotional letting go of someone or something is necessary as a greater understanding of heartfelt values, sense of worth come into focus. *Finances and/or shared resources are also highlighted. While a loss is more likely in the immediate, it also portends a gain in the future.

“Be careful what you set your heart upon – for it will surely be yours.”–James A. Baldwin

“I am who I am; no more, no less.”― Terry Goodkind, Wizard’s First Rule

“Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.”― Shannon L. Alder


Hopefully you aren’t feeling overly discouraged Capricorn. While Mercury slid back into Sagittarius you may have had to rethink something you thought you had already decided upon. Consider it a good thing – a refinement of just what it is you would like to accomplish over the long term. Also, it would be helpful to keep in mind that Mars’ tour of Pisces encourages you to contemplate inner realms (scenarios) that aren’t necessarily practical. Diving into and exploring the source of your own creativity, an inspirational wellspring, can indeed leave you disappointed with reality when you come up for air. The question now is how do you bring some of that good stuff out and practice it in a way that makes sense in the material world? It’ll be a few weeks before you feel ready and motivated to take any big steps towards those ends so why not see what magic is to be found in the little things. Chances are you don’t have to dive so deep or work so hard to find inspiration right where you are standing. In fact, those will be the gems that encourage you forward.

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”― Albert Einstein

“One should use common words to say uncommon things”― Arthur Schopenhauer


The cold hard truth may have hit you like a ton of bricks. Chances are you were feeling a little stunned, disoriented and now that your vision is clearing somewhat you are probably scrambling to re-prepare for yourself. That is, any actions you have taken to set yourself up may need to be refined or altered in some way given you are now, actually, in the midst of the experience you were merely preparing for not so long ago. The Full Moon in Cancer on the 12th further encourages you to focus on your current experience and gently release any pre-conceived ideas of what you thought might happen. Additionally, as Mars joins hands with Chiron a concerted effort to let go of past hurts will be necessary in order to free up the energy needed to take on the days ahead. A New Moon in Aquarius on the 27th coincides with Mars’ entry into fiery Aries suggesting that you’ll have an added bounce in your step in the next few weeks– more so if you can tap into your reservoirs of courage and curiosity in the immediate.

Be curious, not judgmental. – Walt Whitman

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear.”― Mark Twain


Not everyone will agree with your way of looking at things Pisces. In fact, when they don’t it is often a signal that you are either totally out of sync with cosmic rhythms or so in touch with them that you feel compelled to act as a personified  tsunami. Knowing (with full confidence) just which end of that scale you are presently experiencing can be tough – especially if you are not willing to check in with your intuition. Of course, in order to glean that clear and simple gut response you’ll have to set aside hard opinions of what is going on outside of yourself. That is, whatever is playing out among those around you (friends, co-workers etc.) doesn’t necessarily provide the best reasoning from which to base your next steps. Additionally, under the Full Moon on the 12th and Mars’ conjunction to Chiron on the 16th you’ll be tempted to dip into the past to help orient yourself in the here and now. Keep in mind this dip is just a kick off point on your way up.

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.” Carl Jung

“I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art.” ~ Madonna

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” ~ Maya Angelou