Scopes for the Week of January 9th, 2018

Plutonian vibes paired with the Sun and Venus, in Capricorn, won’t let you hit the snooze button this week. There’s a distinct determination growing in the depths of being. It amounts to a hard to miss feeling that we are in the middle of a series of transitional moments. What is taking shape now, perhaps in the shadows, is setting off an overdue psychic purging process, so to speak.

Mercury’s presence, also in Capricorn on the 11th brings feeling and sense to thought. It gives rise to an instinctual need to build a preparatory mindset. It does sound a bit dull, although, I like to think of this influence as an interesting mix of caution and curiosity. An influence that urges us forward with pronounced resolve yet holds us back, keenly scanning for those moments when it is time to say, do and when, it just isn’t the time to say, do.

At the end of the week, Uranus’ sparky exchange with Venus and a Sagittarian Moon is likely to sound off the alarm. I am not necessarily referring to a crisis alarm. Who knows, maybe your internal alarm clock is set to heavenly harp music. The point is there is some kind of alert, a ‘pop’, acting as a mental push over whatever daunting threshold has been drawn in our mind’s eye.

In short, tension resulting from the need for caution is where we are likely to feel internally squeezed. The wake-up call releases that pressure even if it is just a change in perception that makes us realize we’re heading in the right direction.


The squeeze: A gathering of what you’ve learned, honing your viewpoint…

The release: …to present this point to a tee, then watching the ball fly. There’ll be a bit of a walk before you’ll know exactly where it lands.


The squeeze: Necessity of being straight up, cutting through. Getting to that point is the point.

The release: Unsavory outcomes, actions/reactions of others brings you closer to a truth you’ve been avoiding in yourself. Attempts to control what is outside yourself result in getting hit on the head by a boomerang you, yourself have set in motion.


The squeeze: A psychological press steals all of your attention. Intensity of love, lust, needs for power, money, respect. Determination gathers to a peak.

The release: Noticing everyone has a version of what breaking out of yourself means. Unique perspectives, outside of your definitions of success, direct you to the precise point in need of transformation.


The squeeze: Cutting ties with one part of yourself to allow greater growth, deeper commitment to another.

The release: The daily routine cannot go on like this – your heart has its eyes set on a different path…. brave baby steps required.


The squeeze: Need for a change in the program – at work, concerning health matters. Determination to cut through the bull, yours and others is at a high.

The release: Finding creative new solutions that take the fear out of tossing out what has become inane tradition. Then again, maybe some old traditions need a revival.


The squeeze: Learning how to dominate yourself. Chopping off anything and everything that doesn’t ring true in your gut.

The release: Teaching others how to dominate themselves without dominating them. Noticing immediate wisdoms gained from challenging processes.


The squeeze: Clearing the ground at home. Recognizing it is time to weed & wean …

The release: Noticing how a singular deep-rooted commitment offers access to a world far beyond that single stationary spot; a perfect place to perch as the world turns.


The squeeze: The news. The truth. The need to overcome the fear of cutting out what has been overgrown.

The release: Being captivated by the swing of your machete as you make your way through the jungle. It’s effective. You are effective. With every swing a little bit more of the road revealed.


The squeeze: No way back and yet no way forward. Gut truths wind like a vine overgrowing on your mind.

The release: Digging for and disabling the roots of what isn’t true for you. Relief comes from cutting the feed.


The squeeze: Process of finding the way back to center. The need to annihilate what has long been done and gone.

The release: Noticing the dark bits, the remnants of what’s passed, are fizzling, beginning to give off sparks of light.


The squeeze: Having to dig deeper to rise to the top or to maintain an unquestionable strength of your current status.

The release: Some of your ideas, information you’ve happened upon is ‘far out’. Realizing it is valid in a future context that others may not be able to see just yet.


The squeeze: Tempering the compulsion to be the power player in this mix. Driven to expand on, perfect and use a knowledge base you’ve already built.

The release: Noticing the value in everything both freedom and the lack of it. Where finances dip, creative urges flourish. Where finances are boosted sense of worth increases. In both cases, you’re seeing yourself in a new light – one that continually inspires.

Message to Readers- Jan.2018


Full Moon in Cancer & 2018

First week of the New Year …

The ship has sailed. Goodbye 2017. How appropriate that it all begins anew with the completion of yet another lunar cycle, a Full Moon on New Year’s Day.

The Full Moon in Cancer is quiet, or so it will seem by appearance. Our tender insides tell a different story. It is no secret that we are all waiting for something to happen. The feeling has been around more or less throughout 2017, most strongly felt around the beginning of December. The difference now is we are further into the process of acclimatizing ourselves, are better able to sit with the feeling without having to prove, explain or step up on the soapbox to make it known ‘we know something is coming’. It may be partly due to our inability to: 1) articulate exactly what is going to happen because, ‘it’ hasn’t happened quite yet, and 2) control and/or accurately predict where the shit will land after it hits the fan. In both cases we’re dealing with unknowns. Sheer logic cannot possibly tackle, make perfect sense of such a vast space.

Luckily, the Full Moon, positively angled to Mars and Neptune, are in the realm of intuitive water signs. Thus, our confidence in knowing, albeit without really knowing, isn’t likely to be scrutinized by head-logic.

Along with the enlivening, yet quiet intuitive boost, Saturn’s recent move to Capricorn encourages us to approach 2018 one day at a time. That’s practical advice at anytime, yet especially helpful for the duration of 2018. The elusive ‘something is about to happen’ will indeed unfold gradually with it’s share of bumps along the way and so we’ll have to steer the ship eyes wide, alert and attentive as she goes.

There’s a risk we can become a little obsessive and/or paranoid about what we don’t know owing to a series of Pluto conjunctions next week. However, that comes naturally with the prospect of the big changes we are expecting or hoping for during the first month of a New Year. After-all Pluto has been in this position since 2008 making an annual conjunction to the Sun and Mercury around this time of year.

Additionally, this first week of 2018, Uranus, referred to as the troublemaker extraordinaire stations direct on January 2nd. It will pick up on that edge of your seat feeling over the summer of 2017, intensifying from now until May 2018 before entering Taurus. Uranus has been in impulse-driven Aries for the last seven years shaking up certain areas of our life to spark much needed progress. Every sun sign has experienced unsettlement to some degree: for Aries it has revolved around their identity; Taurus: an underlying irritation, anxiety, that has been misplaced as ‘someone else’s problem’; Gemini: their social group, co-workers etc. brought unrest; Cancer has had ants in their pants around career and family/domestic life; Leo: has had an insatiable need for adventure, travel or a new experience in general which has resulted in unexpected consequences; Virgo: has struggled with the bonds of love with all or nothing notions plus swings in finance; Libra: has had a heck of a time navigating the world between love and friendship and the meaning of commitment; Scorpio: challenged with finding a satisfying routine that brings life back into proper balance; Sagittarius: keenly focused on bringing a little more fun, spontaneity back into their lives yet probably hasn’t managed to find it as consistently– bit of an oxymoron anyway isn’t it? Capricorn has been trying to keep up with themselves, clear about what changes they’ve been hoping for yet a touch uneasy about them materializing; Aquarius: knows they can lead a new niche yet the bottom falls out before they get a chance to build up to anything solid; and Pisces it’s been about the money honey – achieving financial stability has had everything to do with fostering healthy amount of self-respect. These areas will continue to be unsettling, albeit it comes with a fair amount of excitement inherent in changes of any kind.

After the 6th Mercury connects with Uranus. Those aforementioned areas of unsettlement reawaken, set off bells -a ringing in the head.   While it can be a welcome rush of energy it’s a mental whirlwind, about thinking rather than physically doing. The idea, then, that we can hop on a fast track will use up reserves in anticipation. It would be wise to save a little wind for your sails when the times to act arrive. If there is any theme to note for 2018 it is to use time and energy efficiently for maximum impact with minimal disruption. Big ideas that remain solely in your head instead of being brought down to earth will fly off every time the wind blows. And the wind will blow in 2018,  just like you may have suspected. Of course, I guess you can say ‘I told you so” when it does. However, bragging rights aren’t much of a prize in this case.

Jupiter too pushes us to go big or go home at the end of the week, essentially vying with Saturn’s insistence to hold to steady, practical and efficient approaches. The once popular game Jenga comes to mind. If you’re not familiar, it is a tower of blocks where the player removes a piece from the bottom and places it on top. It’s a delicate process. Inevitably the weight is distributed higher while the base is thinned out. The player that topples the tower loses.

All in all the astrological weather this first week of 2018 does set us up for a productive year with plenty of exciting possibilities. It may also be easier to work on creating a new and improved situation as what has become old, ineffective, naturally falls away – a side effect from focusing intently on moments that will eventually be the base for the future. Consider 2017, for better or worse, a scab. It falls off when it’s ready, not before. Should events of the year gone by linger it won’t help to rip it off, so to speak, prematurely. It may make matters worse, leaving a permanent scar. That is not to say 2017 was the most terrible on record only that the future needs room to breathe. Those breaths can be taken through the channels opened by our dedication to the present, here in 2018.

That said, every year has its ups and downs. 2018 will have them too. Here are the highlights for the year ahead.  They’ll be fleshed out as they become relevant during the year in the weekly scopes:

2018 – Overview

Saturn’s move into Capricorn is a big one, an influence that will last until the end of 2020. I’ve written about that here a few weeks ago.

Revolutionary Uranus’ tour of the Independent Warrior sign Aries, ends briefly between May 15th and November 6th as it moves into earth sign Taurus. Natural disasters will be on the rise. While we’ve already been accustomed to frequent news on this front earthquakes in particular could draw more attention than has been the norm. It’s a similar situation with the stock market. We’ve already seen unpredictable, unsettling events take place yet we are likely to suffer ever more violent swings. Technological shocks are also in the cards. I wouldn’t be surprised to see significant amount of cyber attacks this year. It should be noted that Uranus will only move within the first few degrees of Taurus this year. The full, uninterrupted seven-year visit of Uranus in Taurus does not start until February of 2019.

Cold, Power-Hungry Pluto reaches out to Jupiter in Scorpio continuing to enliven the recent sex scandal scenarios. It’ll be a task and a half for lawyers and philosophical musings will tangle with too vast an array of highly personal, emotional concerns. Indeed, our inner world is drawn out for contemplation in light of higher laws and higher ups. In another way, a compulsion to expose our inner selves against philosophical, religious ideals can provoke painful yet liberating realizations. The gaps that exist between what we feel, our behaviors and what we preach, how we judge others will become increasingly obvious, challenging our integrity personally and publically.

We are looking at a globally spanned moral dilemma as expansive Jupiter also harmonizes with idealistic, head-in-the-clouds Neptune. The search for perfection, the ideal has already become more a matter of necessity than mere want. When we feel our heads are screwed on right it can be depressing to find that ‘Eden’, at best, only ever manifests temporarily. At worst it remains a fantasy cancelling out any ability to reason or make peace with reality. Wise men and women often say there is magic in the ordinary, missed when completely devoted to our preferred methods of escape. Saturn once again, is the pillar to lean on broadcasting its message in the undercurrent to keep it real, steady and slow. We will be reminded to tether our camel. For those not familiar with the phrase it is a bible story that aptly describes the sentiments of Jupiter and Neptune’s connection this year. In short, a man refuses to tie up his camel claiming God will ensure it is not lost or stolen. Of course, the man wakes up and the camel is gone.

Positive thinking, big ideas, faith do have value. However, without purposeful interaction with the real world it can distort our perception, amount to excessive reliance on wishful thinking. A kind of energy, for lack of a better word, that sends ripples throughout the fishbowl of our minds never making it beyond. The contrasting vibes perceived in our fishbowl world with that outside of us can create pretty nasty bouts of seasickness. It reminds me of a quote by Leonard Cohen who sadly passed in 2017: “If you don’t become the ocean you’ll be seasick everyday.”

Speaking of the tides the eclipses this year fall in the sign of the Humanitarian, Innovator Aquarius and Leo, the Prideful Performer, King/Queen of the jungle. The individual’s place within the collective, how each of us contribute in well-meaning ways or otherwise, tosses the world ship from port toward starboard and back again in 2018. Questions arise to the effect of ‘who can, should, lead’. At what point should the needs of the individual overshadow the needs/wants of the whole?” My late grandfather’s advice may come in handy here. If the whole world behaved like you, thought like you, what then would the world look like? It’s a sneaky question really. We are all in the midst of experiencing the answer right now.

Unlike in 2017 both Mars and Venus will retrograde this year. They feed into the current of change the eclipses set forth. Mars amps up our drive to correct, revisit our actions/ behaviors, in light of the community as it spends extra time in Aquarius between May and November.

Venus, will spend extra time in its home sign Libra, further compelling us to question ‘what is fair’ in the context of our relationships both intimately and from a societal perspective. We had a taste of this complex in October 2017. Back and forth, scanning pros then cons, convinced the absolute decision would be found firmly sitting on one side of the fence or the other. The challenge was to find the sweet spot. An impossible task considering the uneasiness in the air, where it seemed the rules kept changing, during November 2017. In truth, it is more likely our perceptions changed and/or was responsible for changes in the rulebook as we became increasingly aware of new information. Our moral codes have also likely been updated and/or strengthened significantly.

Information processing is Mercury’s business. As it zips around the zodiac in 2018 it will periodically slow into a retrograde phase. This year the Mercury retrograde phases will take place in the fire signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Fire signs are known for courage, action, impulse and impatience. Bold actions taken with due consideration of time, discipline, forethought of what’s required to follow through for the long term, can lead to great results. On the other hand, charging ahead on an impulse, on a wing and a prayer that all can be achieved in one fell swoop? Well…that is likely to send us back to the drawing board, huffing, puffing, fist in the air crying ‘why does this have to be so hard!” Once again, slow moving, disciplinarian, often grumpy, old taskmaster Saturn’s message comes in clear – take it slow. 2018 will unfold one step at a time. We’ll be more conscious of the fact that we cannot control time. However, if we use it to our advantage, mindfully, eventually, it will both refine and reveal the sheer power of spirit and soul we all possess.

H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R  !!!!

Message to Readers- Jan.2018