Scopes for the Week of January 9th, 2018

Plutonian vibes paired with the Sun and Venus, in Capricorn, won’t let you hit the snooze button this week. There’s a distinct determination growing in the depths of being. It amounts to a hard to miss feeling that we are in the middle of a series of transitional moments. What is taking shape now, perhaps in the shadows, is setting off an overdue psychic purging process, so to speak.

Mercury’s presence, also in Capricorn on the 11th brings feeling and sense to thought. It gives rise to an instinctual need to build a preparatory mindset. It does sound a bit dull, although, I like to think of this influence as an interesting mix of caution and curiosity. An influence that urges us forward with pronounced resolve yet holds us back, keenly scanning for those moments when it is time to say, do and when, it just isn’t the time to say, do.

At the end of the week, Uranus’ sparky exchange with Venus and a Sagittarian Moon is likely to sound off the alarm. I am not necessarily referring to a crisis alarm. Who knows, maybe your internal alarm clock is set to heavenly harp music. The point is there is some kind of alert, a ‘pop’, acting as a mental push over whatever daunting threshold has been drawn in our mind’s eye.

In short, tension resulting from the need for caution is where we are likely to feel internally squeezed. The wake-up call releases that pressure even if it is just a change in perception that makes us realize we’re heading in the right direction.


The squeeze: A gathering of what you’ve learned, honing your viewpoint…

The release: …to present this point to a tee, then watching the ball fly. There’ll be a bit of a walk before you’ll know exactly where it lands.


The squeeze: Necessity of being straight up, cutting through. Getting to that point is the point.

The release: Unsavory outcomes, actions/reactions of others brings you closer to a truth you’ve been avoiding in yourself. Attempts to control what is outside yourself result in getting hit on the head by a boomerang you, yourself have set in motion.


The squeeze: A psychological press steals all of your attention. Intensity of love, lust, needs for power, money, respect. Determination gathers to a peak.

The release: Noticing everyone has a version of what breaking out of yourself means. Unique perspectives, outside of your definitions of success, direct you to the precise point in need of transformation.


The squeeze: Cutting ties with one part of yourself to allow greater growth, deeper commitment to another.

The release: The daily routine cannot go on like this – your heart has its eyes set on a different path…. brave baby steps required.


The squeeze: Need for a change in the program – at work, concerning health matters. Determination to cut through the bull, yours and others is at a high.

The release: Finding creative new solutions that take the fear out of tossing out what has become inane tradition. Then again, maybe some old traditions need a revival.


The squeeze: Learning how to dominate yourself. Chopping off anything and everything that doesn’t ring true in your gut.

The release: Teaching others how to dominate themselves without dominating them. Noticing immediate wisdoms gained from challenging processes.


The squeeze: Clearing the ground at home. Recognizing it is time to weed & wean …

The release: Noticing how a singular deep-rooted commitment offers access to a world far beyond that single stationary spot; a perfect place to perch as the world turns.


The squeeze: The news. The truth. The need to overcome the fear of cutting out what has been overgrown.

The release: Being captivated by the swing of your machete as you make your way through the jungle. It’s effective. You are effective. With every swing a little bit more of the road revealed.


The squeeze: No way back and yet no way forward. Gut truths wind like a vine overgrowing on your mind.

The release: Digging for and disabling the roots of what isn’t true for you. Relief comes from cutting the feed.


The squeeze: Process of finding the way back to center. The need to annihilate what has long been done and gone.

The release: Noticing the dark bits, the remnants of what’s passed, are fizzling, beginning to give off sparks of light.


The squeeze: Having to dig deeper to rise to the top or to maintain an unquestionable strength of your current status.

The release: Some of your ideas, information you’ve happened upon is ‘far out’. Realizing it is valid in a future context that others may not be able to see just yet.


The squeeze: Tempering the compulsion to be the power player in this mix. Driven to expand on, perfect and use a knowledge base you’ve already built.

The release: Noticing the value in everything both freedom and the lack of it. Where finances dip, creative urges flourish. Where finances are boosted sense of worth increases. In both cases, you’re seeing yourself in a new light – one that continually inspires.

Message to Readers- Jan.2018