NEW MOON Scopes January 16th, 2018


January 16th, 2018 

It’s getting real.  It’s the first fresh start feeling – the first New Moon of the Year.  It may not come with a big bish-boom-bah but those first practical steps on what we can expect to be a long road usually aren’t.  It’s kind of like a road trip.  First, there’s stress and tension packing the car, making sure you’ve got everything.  Then, you adjust yourself in the seat. Grab the map.  Plot the course and….cruise.  An underlying eagerness, sense of excitement chills in the back.  Every once ‘n a while you’ll check in, offer a grin in kind before positioning your head back to right and straight ahead. 


Road In focus: Long term goals. Career. Respectable positions.

‘Signs’ along the way: show up in nocturnal dream worlds or when you’re not thinking. Pop up in your mind just as you’re having that first yawn of the morning.


Road in focus: Knowledge. Experience. Power. Respect.

‘Signs’ along the way: Trains of thought and observable actions that enlighten via the misfits, mystics and/or musical/artsy types.


Road in focusThe health (physical, mental, spiritual) plan. The financial plan.

‘Signs’ along the way: Anyone, anything that smiles back. Shortcuts that don’t permit extra (unnecessary) baggage.


Road in focus: Responsibility. Commitments. Support – the kind you give and the kind you get.

‘Signs’ along the way: Epiphanies that could have only come through experience (good or perceivably bad). Deeper truths, higher laws lead to bigger worlds. 


Road in focus: Home -work. Work-work.  This schedule.  That schedule. 

‘Signs’ along the way: What’s been gained.  What’s been lost.  What to drop. What to pick up. 


Road in focus: Love, leisure, words, work. 

‘Signs’ along the way: Get the windshield wipers out they are hard to see – unless you close your eyes. Then again, they could be playing tricks on you too. Best bet? Pull out that tried and true compass. 


Road in focus: Secure.  Serene. Soft green. This road leads to your own backyard and further into your heart. 

‘Signs’ along the way: What keeps the pace steady.  What encourages acceptance. What fills.  What drains. 


Road in focus: Communication. Contracts. Deals. Friends – the kind that are unequivocally  ‘your people’. 

‘Signs’ along the way: Who requires you to s-p-e-l-l i-t  o-u-t and those that can jam without skipping a beat. 


Road in focus:  Money, self worth is on the mind over matter highway. 

‘Signs’ along the way:  The safe space, book nook, retreat den, art studio.  You could bypass these and DJ the trip. 


Road in focus: Love. Life. and/or Loving life.

‘Signs’ along the way: All the little things. Little notes. Sweet words. Good timing.


Road in focus: Take your time.  Enjoy the place and places that roll by. 

‘Signs’ along the way: Anywhere you’re wanted, Anywhere you’re needed. The rest stop is  good spot too.  


Road in focus: Networking. Associations. Groups. Organizations.

‘Signs’ along the way: You. Where you want to be.  You’re you now and the bigger bolder future version.  Make friends – there are any number of roads worth cruising.