FULL MOON in VIRGO March 1st, 2018


…for the week of February 27th 

There are two Full Moons in March. The first, and more advantageous, is in analytical Virgo on March 1st.

The earthy Virgo influence emphasizes the practical side of life that hasn’t been in focus with so much activity in dreamy Pisces. Virgo relates to taking action towards self-improvement. Piscean vibes may have caused us to drift off and dream about it yet, tends to fall short of encouraging a ‘just do it’ attitude. We’ll be navigating both during the Full Moon, figuring out how to pluck those dreamy notions from idea-land and bring them squarely on the ground.

Those born under a Virgo Sun are often referred to Mr. /Ms. ‘fix it’. Health, finances, materially world stuff – virtually everything needs to be in working order, running smoothly to satisfy the natural compulsions of Virgo. Of course, when it’s not, irritability and excessive fussiness takes over, proving to our dismay there is more work to do before we reach that finish line drawn in the sand. And when there is more work to do, that isn’t getting done, that is where the tension of this Full Moon rests.

Full Moons mark the end of lunar cycle – not just the shorter span that runs from the time of the recent New Moon. Rather, it completes a cycle that began during the last VIRGO New Moon in late August 2017. Plans and preparations made between then and now have set-up the scenarios we’re facing. We are not always conscious of our intentions when a new cycle starts. However, when Virgo sets the stage, as any of the earth signs, there is often tangible evidence that we’ve indeed started something. It’s like we’ve dropped crumbs along the path marking each step, just in case. And that brings us to another characteristic of Virgoan air– methodical approaches that leave little to chance as possible. Chances are you have done your best to put things in order.

Now, as we reach the end of this stride it is time to re-valuate. Clear your desk, organize the closet, files, focus on health and reset for step two, so to speak. The little things left hanging, minor problems with easy solutions, adapting more efficient methods are apt to be dealt with now.

In the same vein, there can be a tendency to be extra critical of our selves and others. While critical input is another hallmark of Virgo, the intention is rarely meant to harm. Rather, the Mr./Ms. ‘fix it’ attitude has a strict aim towards helping, being of service to others and self-improvement. That is, if we use these Full Moon vibes to our advantage.

Under Virgo, we are better able to see the best in everyone and fixable faults that prevent us from realising our higher potentials. At times, even unconsciously, we’re driven to ‘get to work’ in support of ourselves and others for that purpose.

Unfortunately, especially with the Piscean influence currently good and strong, it’s possible to get too wrapped up in helping. In a way, we can be blinded by the good we see in others and miss sentiments that clearly indicate ‘they’ don’t want our help. When it comes to self-improvement too, we can go overboard, beating ourselves up for not reaching unreasonably high expectations. Sure, maybe we can do much much better. Arguably, it’s a never-ending mission. True too, overnight miracles are not common in the real world.

On the same day as the Full Moon, loving Venus and classic over-doer Jupiter join forces. Also, the Sun meets with Neptune, dissolving barriers of our tight logical understandings. We’ll be eager to maintain current reasoning, piling on numerous ‘facts’ to support our claims, in search of a knowledge set that procures predictable exactitudes. Here in lies yet another potential source of tension.

Leaning too hard on logic can block the creative flow, the ability to sense what is beyond us, and the knowing of what we don’t know. The latter is the darker side of Virgos urgings. On one hand, there is a drive to know it all, yet on the other, a humbleness of character associated with Virgo, knows that is just impossible. Much like the idea that perfection is an attainable goal. It’s great as a motivational force – although, a pretty rough road if there is an expectation of achieving absolute perfection, with consistency or any sense of permanency. Again, the near constant compulsion, of those with a heavy Virgo influence, to put things in order, to work for it, starts to make a little more sense. When change is the only constant why not focus on constant change for the better. 

The second Full Moon (in Libra on the 31st) is apt to throw a wrench in plans tightly woven if there is an insistence to push yourself to the max. Even in absence of the Libran Full Moon, long-time runners will tell you, a balanced pace is of greater value than mere spurts of speed for long races.

Additionally, the added get-up-and-go push from a fiery Aries spirit moving in, we are at a risk of jumping ahead too fast, only to find that 1) we can’t keep up and so give up -making our initial efforts null and void 2) disappoint ourselves for not achieving the ideal, and 3) set ourselves up for more frustration than necessary when the Mercury retrograde phase kicks in mid-month. For example, maybe you start going to the gym, push too hard, pull a muscle. You’ll have no choice but to stop, putting a damper on any momentum you had going. It’s not just health, anything you are working on or fighting for.

Lastly, in-between the two Full Moons this month a New Moon in Pisces offers hints as to how to keep the balance right. It’ll have a lot of heart behind it – something you’ll feel. One of those, rare moments, where actions are guided by soul speak. And when the soul speaks, and you’re tuned in, the energy flow necessary to keep going truly never ends.

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