Scopes for the Week of February 20th, 2018

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Oh bitter-sweet NEPTUNE …

The Sun and Mercury have joined Venus in Pisces.  All three will meet up with dreamy-eyed Neptune and Chiron-the-wounded,  over the next few weeks.  

Neptune-ruled-Pisces is an area of zodiac chart that governs art, music, otherworldly affairs, deception/self-delusion, spirituality and compassion. It’s a wonky wonderland.  Great for romance, artists and mystics.  Not-so-great for fact-driven, material-world affairs or practical aspects of relationships.  By and large it’s safe to say many of us will simply be NEP–TUNED-OUT.  

Thankfully, Pluto is well-angled, offering some reprieve as it 1) curbs us from drifting too far-out and 2) bolsters our ability to squarely face painful realities with compassion.  Still, whether we are actually tuning into higher frequencies or just mis-reading hazy signals confused by an over-active imagination, we’ll all be extra sensitive with a severe case of the ‘feels’.

So, if you tend to make like Dorothy when the going gets tough- clicking your heels in a desperate escape to your happy place, a little effort to ground yourself won’t go amiss.  It might be useful to have a quick re-read of Saturn in your sign and the Pluto Jupiter connection from a few weeks back. 

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”
― Mark Twain

“If you are a dreamer come in,
If you are a dreamer, a wisher, a liar,
A hoper, a pray-er, a magic-bean-buyer
If you’re a pretender, come sit by my fire
For we have some flax golden tales to spin….

–Shel Silverstein


the gist for the next few weeks ahead…


Spirituality. Uber Psychic. Sensitive. Compassionate.  Could feel really in-tune or imagination playing tricks. Either way, you’ll discover how in-tune you are at Full Moon in Virgo next week. Take hunches seriously but consider keeping them to yourself over the next few weeks.

*Several opportunities with the powers that be may come up.


Friends. Lovers. Addictions. Could be an addiction to love. Could be them.  Could be you. Could be a state of mind that’s making the ‘real thing’ elusive. There’ll be a few occasions to change your mind if you can take a deeper look at ‘what is’ as opposed to looking up..up..and away.

*Art & Music can really move you over the next few weeks.


Glamour.  Attention.  Arts.  Land of confusion.  Dropping into an emotional swirl.   Climbing high on a misty ladder.  Physical, spiritual health.  

*Pillars of personal power: Sex. Money. Health.   When that’s in order, life is in order making you quite the power house. 


Philosophy. Religion. Law. Art. Spiritual Truth.  Hazy territory.  Endless paths worth the walk-about. 

*Relationship with yourself is the strongest relationship on any plane. If you’re really wondering where they are coming from you’ll have a better idea if you can clarify exactly where you are. 


Genuine connections.  Sex.  Money.  Grief.  Power balance.  Where do you start and they begin.  Where do you end and they start.  Boundaries. Wholistic health. 

*Working in service. Charity. Giving for the sake of giving. 


Trust is a funny thing. Either you do or don’t. When you do there’s no question. When you don’t you just can’t stop questioning. Over the next few weeks either you’re questioning them or they’re on the fence about you. Then again, maybe it’s just you questioning you. Either way, trust is a funny thing.

*There’ll be a few occasions where you can see clear through to the heart.  Although, you still might have trouble expressing exactly what it is you’re seeing.


Time for a mental health break Libra? If you’re feeling that way now, you’ll want to set up scheduled time-outs for yourself over the next few weeks. With Mars in your third you may be going through rounds of sad-happy-mad loop de loops.

* Pluto has had its sights on your home/family and career for a while. There’s an opportunity to pluck a few valuable ‘rules to live by’, especially during those longer periods of contentment.


Children.  Creativity.  Full Expression.  Fun.  Letting go without drifting too far off the ground.  Your artistic sense will be finely tuned, overflowing with love & inspiration, these next few weeks. 

*Straight talk, including your own inner dialogue.  Eyes & ears keen on everyday interactions fill an already busy bee mind. 



Home.  Family.  The base.  The job.  All lines seem to be blurring, one bleeding over into the next.  

*Pinning down the priorities never felt so good.  You’ll get a few chances to put your money where your mouth is, and drive those necessary points home. 



Poetry.  Creativity.  Imaginary landscapes.  If you are hoping for clarity you’ll have to keep it simple over the next few weeks.  If, on the other hand you’ve got cart blanche in an artistic arena flit and fly my friend. 

* You’ve got the power even when you think you don’t.  On the flip side when you think you do and wield it rougher than need be – then you’ve lost it. 



Money isn’t everything.  But it is.  But it isn’t.  It’s the value you place on it in relation to your identity that causes the mixed-mind-mash-up. It always comes rolling when you let it go doesn’t it?  

* There is no harm in venturing into the darker places Aquarius.  Although do be careful whose company you keep over the next few weeks – gut reactions and psychic vibes tell all. 



Dream away Pisces.  Your creative talents, value of your imagination and good heart can be seen from miles away.  Of course, not everyone will ‘get it’ but they don’t have to. In fact, those that don’t will be doing you a favour.  Maybe it won’t seem so right now… in the long run though…

* Pluto has been sitting in your friends and networking zone for years now.  Those you’ve grown passed aren’t nearly as important as those you’ve grown towards.  That’s likely to become crystal clear in the next few weeks.