Leading up to the Solar Eclipse…

As the Full Moon Eclipse from a few weeks ago continues to diminish we head now towards the beginning of a new Lunar cycle. The astrological weather surrounding the upcoming New Moon Eclipse has its challenges, even as it opens the door of opportunity. If you recall New Moons are usually ideal times to plant seeds, set intentions. Under a Solar Eclipse our intentions are given an extra dose of plant feed to ensure strong, long and lasting growth.

Before giving you the low down on the actual Solar Eclipse I’ll point out a few potential pressure points around the time of this New Moon.

In a nutshell, it will seem that everyone wants to do the right thing. The problem with that is a) there is more than one way to do something, b) everyone has a different opinion on what should be done or even what the problem is, and  c) when it becomes too strenuous to do the right thing it’s easy to slip into ‘seeing what we want to see mode’. There may indeed be quite a bit of conversation chock full of  shoulds and shouldn’ts. You may have noticed it last week. You may notice this week that those statements won’t mean a heck of a lot – being received as empty if not backed by action.

Empty statements thrown out now may serve to distance us from the immediate need to take action or responsibility and so open a whole new realm of possibility. On the other hand, it could perpetuate seemingly justifiable reasons to point fingers.  It can also breed a state of non-acceptance. Again, that’s great if you are prepared to do something constructive. If not, simply not accepting the way it is on any level, can leaves us, stunned and ineffective -lost in ‘seeing what we want to see land’. Not the best use of a powerful New Moon is it?

It reminds me of a story between a cook and a customer. The cook needed access to the restaurant’s second kitchen to prepare for a large event. The customer, who had overreached their reservation time, was offered use of that spare kitchen to finish their meeting. Both parties were frustrated, insisting they had supreme right to use the entire spare kitchen. A compromise was possible. I was in a position to manage the dilemma and was convinced each could give a little to make it work. What followed was a conversation riddled with ‘shoulds.’ He should….they should. I won’t bore you with the negotiation verbatim. The point is there was a solution.  They stood immovable, guns pointed one at the other.  You should do this, they should that – really the most unproductive conversation that had more to do with the size of their proverbial guns.

What should they have done in my opinion? Something for starters. Perhaps shift their focus towards the problem and some kind of solution, even an imperfect one, where both needs could be met to some degree. When time eventually ran out, I did cut through their arguments and shuffled them around. They weren’t happy. There needs were met. AND no further issues ensued from the next party having to wait on their food. Moral of the story: who should do what is irrelevant if shoulds focus on the person or immaterial problem, not the problem that needs to be solved. 

Should means it’s not happening. Should directs our attention towards anything but what is happening now.  A dead-end if not immediately followed by thoughtful resolutions of a personal, common or shared problem.

“Should be” will always be a long road.” 
― S. Kelley Harrell

“Should is a futile word. It’s about what didn’t happen. It belongs in a parallel universe. It belongs in another dimension of space.” 
― Margaret Atwood 

The Solar Eclipse in Aquarius February 15th, 2018

If you’ve been following astrology for a while you’ll know that New Moons are a great time to start fresh. As it sits in Humanitarian-Aquarius, a future-oriented, progressive and for the people sign we would do well to focus on solutions. The ideal may not be immediately possible, but how often is it?

In fact, with Mars approaching a square to Neptune we are likely to be dreadfully disillusioned if we are expecting the perfect situation, or hoping to be crowned the winner. 

As with the cook and patron, time did eventually step in, cleared the air of so-hard-done-by sentiments, and brought about the reality of what needed to be done, not who should or shouldn’t have done what.   Their attitude separated them from a workable solution, the kind that are often found somewhere in the middle and by working together.

As the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius meets with Mercury hours before, we have the opportunity to think about what we want, more importantly why we want it and how to go about achieving something closer to our ideal. It doesn’t mean we’ll get it right away or at all but we can take measures to progress in that direction. Time will run out quickly if wasted on the tit for tat garbage – eventually leaving no real choice when the clock strikes midnight.

Soon after the Eclipse, utopian type visions will waft around courtesy of Neptune, Venus in Pisces and Mars’ tour of Sagittarius. You’ll want to screw your head on straight and cut through the thick of what you want to happen in relation to what is happening – it’ll be paramount to making it work. Successful humanitarian organizations are a testament to and a perfect example of how to work within the current cosmic climate. Most charity organisations are not only working against a storm but with the storm itself to fulfil their mission – a battle rarely, if ever completely won.  


   No matter which side you are on, what you believe, this week’s astrological pattern is one that pits us against our logical, objective assessments, a place of focus at center, with our ideals and absolutist notions that are at risk of being far-too-far from centre. 


SUNRISE – Community. Order at the meet and greet. Show & Tell.

MIDDAY -Clear Communication. The idea. The person. Is the Artist separate from the Art?

SUNSET: Sparkly clouds. Inspiration the moment you drift off. A waking-dream SHOOTING STAR: Someone’s fire spits fantastical sparks in your direction.


SUNRISE –The head honcho. The lead role. The know-it-all.

MIDDAY – Detachment serves a greater purpose.

SUNSET – To know what’s right experience in doing right takes you miles further.

SHOOTING STAR-– Someone at work offers a night-light in the dark and gets you thinking…


SUNRISE – A wide, wide world, you know.

MIDDAY – Thinking outside of the box. Understanding beyond that is another story.

SUNSET – Goals beyond physical attainment.

SHOOTING STAR: You’re part of something bigger now.


SUNRISE – Health. Money. Technology. Inspired changes.

MIDDAY – Sharing what you know. Helping with what you have.

SUNSET – Working from a higher perspective. Body. Mind. Spirit. Connection. SHOOTING STAR – You may not be able to touch it or see it in your mind’s eye for more than a second but that spontaneous skip in your step it inspires may be all you need.


SUNRISE – Closer together by being further apart.

MIDDAY –To each his own except when in Lion/Lioness’ territory.

SUNSET – Show and tell never tells all.

SHOOTING STAR – Love stretches far-beyond the boundaries of your mind and physical reach. There is no law, reasoning that can justifiably hold it captive. The truth is same.


SUNRISE – Working for your Self.

MIDDAY – Working for others who support you working for your Self. Health: Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional.

SUNSET – Health of relationships. Health of family. Unconditional Love. Loving boundaries.

SHOOTING STAR: A flash of insight. A knowing. Catching the coattail of an impulse changes the regularly scheduled program.


SUNRISE –Express. Fun. Children. Creative inspiration.

MIDDAY – Positive contributions. Performances have their drawbacks.

SUNSET – How you help. Who you help. Why you’re helping? For them? For you?

SHOOTING STAR: Freedom in love. Joint progress. Independent relationships. Boundaries of the bond.


SUNRISE – Homes away from home.

MIDDAY – Big picture motivations.

SUNSET – Sense of worth can equally be built or torn down by the many, a few, one or none. It’s more aptly measured by the space in your heart. Money never really gets a chance to lay claim there.

SHOOTING STAR: Job or what you are working on & routine continue to change in surprising ways. It affects your motivations, sense of home & family.


SUNRISE – Good News.

MIDDAY – Productive communication. A new deal.

SUNSET – Boundless assertions. Love on my watch and yet ‘unconditional’. Home is a wonky wonderland.

SHOOTING STAR – that happy inner child portion of your existence and that gets you thinkin’…


SUNRISE –Sideline work. Future income.

MIDDAY – Future worth. Out-there. Online. Power of the mind. Power of the people. Charity. Communication.

SUNSET –The right words. The beauty of words. The motion of emotionless truth. Quiet. Poetic. The right work that works in absence of time. Full & boundless.

SHOOTING STAR: Aren’t likely to see it unless you get out there and try.


SUNRISE –I know who I am.

MIDDAY –Who am I?

SUNSET – Let me tell you what I know. Let me tell you how it goes. Friends with force. Friends with heart. People that speak my ‘language’.

SHOOTING STAR: They’ll come and go much like your words it seems. But no harm in that if it awakens the muse.


SUNRISE – Into the future mind. Star of the show.

MIDDAY – Further into the future mind. Health.

SUNSET – Money doesn’t really matter but sure would love to have a lot more of it. ‘A career that works for me, not a career that I work for.’

SHOOTING STAR- Even if you miss the opportunity to catch this one there are plenty of shooting stars to be seen when you close your eyes – maybe too many to keep track of them all.

Thought I’d throw in a little sideline prediction this week concerning Trump and Mueller:

  • Mueller will have news or be THE news at Eclipse time as transiting Mars sits in opposition to natal Uranus in his third house of communication.
  • It will likely drum up notable response in anger from Trump and create a rather dense cloud of smoke. The Solar Eclipse rests in opposition to Trump’s Mars positioned in the 12th house – a configuration that often refers to secretive or unconscious motivations. Also, as the Moon builds in Pisces-the-Dreamweaver, a sign that opposes his ‘image,’ the line between fact and fiction will be difficult to discern. Transiting Venus in Pisces suggests Trump can amass a positive reception. However, in this watery domain, the grounds may indeed seem frustratingly unclear.