Scopes for the Week of March 6th, 2018

The dwindling Full Moon, and its move into Libra, has probably brought a smidgen of relief from bouts of irritability and worry. I can’t say life will be all roses now, yet, it’s awful nice when the skies work to take the edge off, even temporarily.

Inspired to get the balance right, perhaps preventing a fall down the slippery slope our will to do does grow stronger. Part of that uptick has to do with Venus, Mercury, Mars and Uranus’ placement in fire signs. They act to lift the weight of that wet blanket feel, lingering, as the Sun remains in the watery domain of Pisces.  Not to be too hard on Pisces here, its influence is often magical, softening the boundaries of our being to good end. However, too much tends to turn us to jelly in a way, can cause confusion and contribute to a sense of being lost at sea. If you can’t find a suitable anchor, the next best thing is to grab an oar and row.

Despite the disorienting water-sign influence over the Sun, a soon-to-be retrograding Jupiter in Scorpio will vivify dark and/or dampened spirits. That is to say, there is no wishy-washy wondering under the skies this week. Jupiter will be stuck on point, the over-riding point, we’ve been trying to make or gear ourselves towards.

Venus in Aries presses that point. It wants what it wants -period. Any person, place or thing standing in the way best prepare for battle. Mercury too, furthers the fire, demanding someone take responsibility, even if it that someone is you. Consider the initiation process of alcoholics anonymous, if you want to ‘get clean’ the first step is admitting there’s a problem.

You could bank on the wind, hoping a gust will guide you clear of choppy seas. Arguably, it won’t be nearly as effective as taking the paddle in your own hands. Then again, you may be one of the lucky Sagittarians or Pisces. Maybe the wind will blow the right way. Honestly, I’ve known a few that have made my jaw drop in when their reliance on luck alone turned out to be a sane strategy.   Anyway, it is worth noting, as Mars, now in Sagittarius, trines unpredictable Uranus in Aries on the 11th bringing the element of ‘WTF’ into play. Whether that’s a: “WTF!! That was lucky!’ or a “WTF. ..Just…My…Luck”, I really can’t say. Uranus is a tricky planet. From now until May, it will deliver periodic shockwaves that puts everyone on edge.

So, while the edge has been taken off, from a recently departed Virgo Moon, in one sense, a sudden desire to strike with a confident personal edge in another, Uranus and Mars could bring us to arms as we sit on edge, anticipating, with a huff and shiver “WTF is next.”

I can’t help but think of Trump and the gun laws, the heated moral dilemmas that have become synonymous with the mere mention of the United States. I looked into Mueller’s and Trump’s charts a few weeks back, predicting their domination in the media over news Mueller had. I’m content to sit back and dig no further. It will unfold how it does. I will say that, while looking over the aspects of 2018 last year, the summer months and the eclipses made me wonder how life would organize itself in the aftermath of such notable societal, economic and political rifts.

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PULSATING POINT: The Money. The Debt. The Deception. The Indulgent Dream.

THE RIFT: Status. Identity. Reputation. Authority. Discipline. Deft Desires.

WTF: The Law. The Legalities. The Rebellion. Moral Righteousness. The Vigilante.


PULSATING POINT: The Relationship. The Relationships. The Contract. Commitments. Trials. Trust.

THE RIFT: Career. Status. Reputation. Authority. Disciple. Deft Desire.

WTF: Money & Morals. For love or money. Nerves.

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PULSATING POINT: Heart-centered work – Physically. Mentally. Spiritually.

THE RIFT: Friends. Co-workers. Groups. Money. Debt. Independence.

WTF: The positive side of differences. The trouble with similarities. Freedom with ‘them.’ Freedom without ‘them’.


PULSATING POINT: Kids know everything. Art & the heart, music, opens all doors.

THE RIFT: Responsibilities. Obligations. Time and how you spend it – have spent it…will spend it.

WTF: Health, physical vitality, the urge to really be… stronger, happier, healthier.

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PULSATING POINT: Home. Family. Give. Take. It’s always about more than the money.

THE RIFT: A scratched record of Sinatra’s “I did it may way” cranked on phonograph. You might have to turn the volume down or splurge for a new record.

WTF: “Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My! No big deal…I’m off to see the wizard. Zip-It-ee-do-dah-dip-it-dee-eh…My. Oh My.


PULSATING POINT: Lots to gather. Lots to do. You may need a bigger basket, a visible finish line or clearly outlined perimeter. It’s likely sitting in a heap of autumn leaves trying to organize this, that and the other. Every once ‘n while mesmerized by all the pretty colors. Every once ‘n a while, mourning the loss for the tree.

THE RIFT: Creative Order. The fight for independence. Struggle for change. The birth of spirit. The bursts of spirit. Time. Money. Children.

WTF: Home. Move. Foreign. Money. Debt.


PULSATING POINT: The daily value. Personal value. The money. The job. The depth. The connection. The. Real. Work.

THE RIFT: Relationships. Commitments. Domestic Order. The Man of the House. The Woman of the House. The House.

WTF: Rah. Rah. Rah. (insert foot in mouth) Rah. Rah. Rah. Damn. The time. Damn. The car. Rah. Rah. Rah. Dollars & ‘Sense’.

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PULSATING POINT: Good. True. Kids. Ideas. Good. Art. Creativity. Love. Understanding.

THE RIFT: Yes. It’s a different day. Still, don’t do it this way. Do it that way. Be Direct. Time. Time. Time. Time.

WTF: Money. It’s funny. Value. It changes with time. It means more. It means less. It’s just for now… just like the weather.


PULSATING POINT: Growing from the inside out. Redefining home. Redefining heart.

THE RIFT: Blossoming fields of ideas…but the money. The time. The money. Order. Sense and sensibilities.

WTF: Me my kid and I. Me my art and my… All of life’s expressions, expressing themselves, intended to vivify – the whole. Darn. Experience.  Telling it like it is.


PULSATING POINT: Clear thinking is somehow never clear. Truth nestled comfortably in the words, the song, the feel. Never mind the grammar.

THE RIFT: Move. Home. Renovations. Discipline. Patience. Will. Time.

WTF: “That’s not right…mumble, mumble.” “I’ll wait.” I’ll do it now. I’ll say it now.” “That’s not right…mumble, mumble.”


PULSATING POINT: The steady buck. Recognition. Luck, faith, hope. Real Value.

THE RIFT: The right words. The contract. Order. Control. Respect. Redefining success. The costs of head-down achieving. Product over process.

WTF: New information. A surprising message. Technology. The internet.


PULSATING POINT: Wisdom. Self. Spirituality. Bigger than ‘life itself.’ Unbounded and yet fervently connected. Paradoxes. Prime. Privy.

THE RIFT: Making the money. Doing the deed. Following a crew. The boss. The others. Yet still, on your own. Petulance.

WTF: Going further. Busting out. Taking charge adds ruffles to your reputation. Let’s hope ruffles are what’s called for.