GEMINI May 16th, 2017

Born May 21-June20
Born May 21-June20

Weekly Horoscope

May 16th -May 22nd, 2017

Mercury’s move into Taurus, your solar twelfth of ‘undoing’ might not be such an unwelcome influence. Maybe it is time to take a break or consider slowing the outflow of energy—mentally at least.   Many a Gemini have been busy with other people, and haven’t had the time to sit back and get in touch with the source of their own mojo. Although, the typical Gemini does feel more lively around others while still walking to the beat of their own drum. However, if it does seem too much take those moments when you need it. Both the Sun and Mercury are encouraging you to forgo ‘making an appearance’ when it isn’t really something you want to do. If you take those moments to recharge during the week, over the weekend looks like it will be a blast.

“Sometimes I forget that putting myself first isn’t selfish but necessary.” — Unknown 

ALL SIGNS: Mercury & Venus Out of the Shadows May 19th/20th, 2017

These forecasts offer a general view, based only on the position of the Sun. Everyone’s chart is unique and so a personal chart analysis based on the particulars of your birthdate, time and place can reveal a very different picture.

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