GEMINI May 30th, 2017


Born May 21-June20
Born May 21-June20

Weekly Horoscope

May 30th-June 6th, 2017

Where there is tension there is bound to be a release – coming to soon a theatre near you…

Spit fire Mars is cruising through the last degrees of your sign. Boldly expression yourself,  off the cuff, no filter is so, so tempting this week Gemini. While giving in to these spontaneous urges can be satisfying it could end up uncovering all kinds of things that surprise you as much as it does others. That said, prepare yourself for a high energy weekend that brings inspiring revelations, busts through boundaries of societal pressures and speedily moves you into position, on the edge of a new field to play on. Truth be told the cosmic waves being broadcast can cause a sense of bewilderment, unease (especially in relation to career or future ‘plans’). The Sun’s square to Neptune sitting at the top of your chart threatens to cast rose colored fog over your ambitions. The problem with that is, once the fog clears and the excitement of the Venus/Uranus conjunction dies down you’ll wonder why you didn’t see this coming. Next week you’ll have lots to think about Gemini. Good thing Mercury is at home in your sign making your mental faculties sharp as ever.

These forecasts offer a general view, based only on the relative position of the Sun. Everyone’s chart is unique and so a personal chart analysis based on the particulars of your birthdate, time and place can reveal a very different picture.

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