CAPRICORN June 6th, 2017

Born Dec.21-Jan.19
Born Dec.21-Jan.19

Weekly Horoscope

June 6th -June 13th, 2017

That relationship. That relationship. : It’s different than all the rest. It probably frustrates you the most yet it has so much to teach you if you’re willing to face why those ties bind. Not just the strings when plucked make sweetest sounds. The ones that are out of tune – that make an irritating twang. You’ll likely find out why over the next few months – and it’s not an answer you’ll be readily expecting. Although, it’ll be easier to know what, exactly is in need of a tune up (on your end more than theirs).

Love makes its own grounds: You can nurture according to what you think needs nurturing, fix and fuss or you can allow yourself to be directed by where the love takes you. Creative ventures inspired by practical concerns have a life of their own. They, her, her, it will always find steady ground – especially if you can let go and let be what will be.

Twists and Turns – all part of the routine: From now until the last week of June you’ll be mentally navigating more than one round at a time without compromising your speed and efficiency in the least. That is, as far as you can adapt the ‘let go and let be idea (see ^ love makes its own grounds).

Career Wow: Lucky Jupiter is about to re-spark the enthusiasm you had last fall. From now until this October…well… it just keeps getting better and better. 

Full Moon on the 9th: There is some lingering psychic garbage that needs to go Capricorn. It’s blocking the way and you simply don’t have room to accommodate unnecessary angst over the obstacles. Having to move around them is actually what is making you more productive.


These forecasts offer a general view, based only on the relative position of the Sun. Everyone’s chart is unique and so a personal chart analysis based on the particulars of your birthdate, time and place can reveal a very different picture.

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