FULL MOON in SAGITTARIUS, June 9th, 2017

Full Moon Sagittarius


June 9th, 2017

“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts…”


Whenever the beginning or ending of a Moon cycle comes up my intention is always to simply write about Luna, and whatever sign it happens to be in. Yet, it is almost impossible not to ramble on about other celestial happenings– and that is especially true this week. Alongside the Full Moon in Sagittarius (on the 9th) Venus & Mercury return to their home signs Taurus and Gemini, and active Mars moves into a calmer placement in nurturing Cancer. Jupiter too, will be in the process of waking up. 

It is as if it’s time for a scene change and someone forgot to turn off the stage lights. Stagehands scurry trying not to notice the crowd; the crowd tries not to notice the stagehands; the audience waits awkwardly, miffed that they aren’t seamlessly transported to act II. Now that’s a Sagittarian thing – it’s the kind of humor that reminds us not to take life so seriously. Although, Saturn, “the miffed”, the boss, the timekeeper, the one who has put in long hours, meticulously planning behind the scenes probably won’t crack a grin and, to be fair, won’t show his impatience either. Still, paradoxically, his ‘air’ will not go unnoticed as he sits, arms crossed next to the Full Moon.

So, whether you’re the boss, the stagehand, an actor (face palming themselves behind the curtain), or an audience member, there is something entertaining about all of this. If nothing more you’ll have a story to tell and laugh about later…”remember that time…”; or solutions, suppositions and preventative strikes for next time spring into mind – “they should have done this, we should have done that, wouldn’t it be funny if…”.  In other words, our improvisations have just as much to do with the show as the show itself. A brilliant way to break up a rigid Saturn (the unbending boss) hovering with disapproval –he’s improvising too!

In another way, and with consideration to the other planetary players this week, we will be either well into conversation with ourselves, rallying disparate forces within or we’ll literally be placing hands on hips pontificating our raison d’être.(trying to make known why our view should matter more). The best part of it, in my opinion, is that we are being driven from a deeper place of caring (unconsciously enacting old familiar patterns?) or from an updated sense of what we value the most (for many, home/family matters top the list) gleaned during the recent Venus retrograde.

The words that do form, should we take the opportunity presented, made of emotional stuff left unsaid and stuck to the sides of our ribs can loosen/find a way out. If we choose to hold them tighter to chest, our minds will wander that way revisiting what we’ve kept under lock and key. Either way there is a certain amount of comfort to be regained through what seems a period of discomfort. We are going to feel something moving up towards the direction of our vocal chords and the words of others are apt to permeate our shells. In short, what is said will be as deeply felt as what isn’t.

Last, but definitely not least, Jupiter (Sagittarius’ ruling planet) swings forward this week. Since its departure from Virgo into Libra last autumn, there are corners of our lives where we’ve had high hopes (and rightly so) that may have been dampened for the last six months. The pace will pick up again, adding that extra touch of brightness, zeal – another reminder, not to take it all too seriously.


June 6th – June 13th, 2017




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