Lunar Eclipse in AQUARIUS, Aug.7th, 2017



August 7th, 2017

Most of the astrological news out there seems to be focused on the Solar Eclipse, later on in August, for several reasons. Namely, it will be a complete Eclipse, while this one is only partial. Secondly the unpredictable whirlwind energies of Uranus will play major part during the Solar Eclipse. That said, in reality, nothing truly happens completely out of the blue, which, might explain, the jitters that some are starting to feel as August 7th draws near. To put it plainly, this upcoming Lunar Eclipse (the equivalent of Full Moon on steroids) will work to charge the air, shuffling us around ‘into position’ for the opening of the Solar Eclipse on August 21st.

There will be attempts by fiery folks (often born under the sun signs Leo, Sag., and/or Aries) to burn through the bullshit or otherwise press forward with enough zeal that others are left stunned with smoke in their eyes. To be clear, everyone has some fire in their chart – just some more than others, whether you are born under those ‘sun’ signs or not. What I am getting at here is a bold and/or brash energy is likely to be released like a flash bomb. It’s the kind of thing that presents itself on political stage fronts – yet another Trump fiasco? He is a Gemini with Leo Rising (there is more that can be said, but I try to stay away from politics).

Still, politics may indeed be interesting (to say the least) under these vibes. Power hungry Pluto in Capricorn (a sign associated with government, big business etc.) will be in a harsh angle to expansive Jupiter at the same time as this Lunar Eclipse. While Jupiter is almost always considered positive (with the exception of its tendency to exaggerate and overindulge) it is housed in the argumentative sign of opposites, Libra. There will be a lot of ‘talk’, that’s for sure.

Additionally, since this Lunar happening culminates in Aquarius, the sign of communication and progressive thinking, a certain sense of detachment from it all could result in excessive amounts of idealistic tongue wagging. It’s far easier to speak your mind when talking about the elusive ‘them’ or ‘those people’. Yet, maybe this would be the time to get it all out, speak your mind, if only to get the ball rolling in some kind of direction. If you recall, last week I mentioned that Uranus was stuck on a nerve, and that constant irritant can’t really be soothed without finding an outlet for the excess energy. It’s still on the nerve by the way, hovering, and will be strengthened by the Eclipse on the 21st.

Over the next few weeks, then, I have a feeling the concluding sentiments of any argument, heated discussion, or the like, will end with the phrase “…then do something about it already!” or “would somebody please do something about this?!!!” As far as the latter goes, don’t forget to point that finger back at yourself – after you’ve finished pinpointing other members of the crowd.

On a personal level, then, the most courageous among us will likely step into the limelight proudly taking the reins. The initiators will come out of the woodwork. Later, as the planets parade into Virgo, that is where and how the actual work, practical planning and follow through will begin to take shape. Those impulsive fiery types tend to burn fuel fast. Thus, without the injection of earthy feminine energy to push us through (particularly when Mars enters Virgo in early September) it will be the quiet do good types that step in to seal the deal.


August 1st – August 8th, 2017




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