ECLIPSE in LEO, August 21st, 2017


“I hardly know sir, I’ve changed so many times since this morning, you see.” 

“No, I don’t see, explain yourself.” 

“I’m afraid I can’t explain myself sir, because I’m not myself, you know?”

I don’t know.” 

“Well I can’t put it any more clearly sir, for it isn’t clear to me.” 

Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Anticipation builds as the Solar Eclipse draws near.  It is expected to be a spectacular visual, of interest astronomically. Astrologically speaking, it’s creating quite a buzz – lots of folks quizzically asking “am I the only one feeling this?”    

As mentioned over the last few weeks, there are other planetary players involved amplifying the message of this upcoming Lunar event.  In fact, some astrologers believe we are downloading a ton of information at the moment – too much, to wrap our brains around until the process is complete.  Needless to say, it would explain the feeling of being on edge.  I’ll attempt to break it down further…

Leo, represents the expressive ego, active energies that continually work to form and reform our identity.  In essence it describes the perpetual teenager in all of us.  The teenager summons the idea of rebellion, the desperate struggle to amalgamate talents, thoughts, ideas in effort to present a unique persona out in the world.  A struggle that quiets only when it has received praise, reward or any recognition for that matter, signalling that someone has truly picked up what we are putting down.  In this way it confirms who we think we are. It is, by and large a process well-accepted from teenagers.

So how does this influence play out in mature adults?  Arguably, we continue to construct and reconstruct our identity throughout our lives, regardless of age.  We are always choosing from a wide array of talents, thoughts, ideas of which to emphasize, develop… show and stand behind when challenged every single day. Under the intensity of this Solar Eclipse in the sign of the proud Lion/Lioness, shaken by Revolutionary Uranus and driven by Warrior Mars, then, we are offered a profound view of just how vast our potentials truly are. It can be a lot to take swallow.  

In short, as the Sun struggles to shine, desperately clinging to what is ultimately a transient identity, it will be eclipsed, cancelled out by the Moon.  The Moon resonates with our emotional, intuitive senses.  It is a reflective feminine influence.  The heart, our gut level senses, simply won’t be ignored. We all have an opportunity to step out on the right foot, flowing in sync with and with support of larger cosmic forces eager to be expressed.

How apt that Regulus (a fixed star within a few degrees of this eclipse) has moved (back in late 2011) from the proud masculine fire sign of Leo into the purity conscious, feminine, earth sign Virgo after a 2160 year stay.  Incidentally, Virgo represents the first stage of adulthood and is known for engaging in self-improvement to near obsessive levels.  

* I feel compelled to stress that all of us carry masculine and feminine energies,  maturity cannot be predicted according to what sun sign you are born under, nor your age.  Further still, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, each of us carries all of the elements associated with the zodiac, yet, in a unique pattern. 


August 15th- August 22nd, 2017




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