Aquarius October 10th, 2017



The experiences you’ve had over the last twelve months have been eye-opening.  Your idea of what a relationship is, should be, could be, or hope to be has no doubt grown significantly.  Let’s hope it seems for the better Aquarius.  If you truly don’t think it is … wait it out.  The universe works in mysterious ways.  Sometimes, in order to meet the right people (those that genuinely jive with you) room has got to be made.   Some experiences must be let go of and open-mind must prevail.  Jupiter’s tour through Libra suggests whatever is unfolding is positive. 

From now until next November, Jupiter carries onto your career sector.  If you felt attention was lacking for the work you do all that will change.  Do remember, to keep doing your best as eyes will be on you.  

As an aside there seems to be someone acting like a stick in the mud this week. Maybe they are uncomfortable with changes you’re making or how you are influencing ‘the group’.  

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