Aries October 10th, 2017


These last twelve months have offered quite a few opportunities to grow with the help of your nearest and dearest Aries.  If you haven’t felt ‘seen’ no doubt there has been ample opportunity to contemplate how you come across to others.  

As Jupiter crosses into Scorpio, where it will remain from now until next autumn, relationships will get even deeper.  The value of connecting with yourself or another will indeed not be something taken for granted this time next year.

On another note,  financial management will be of utmost importance over the next twelve months.  You are likely to notice 1. How your relationships have an influence on how you handle money and 2. how you yourself contribute to success/stagnation of your situation. The good news?  Jupiter brings luck wherever it is located – that just so happens to be in your financial sector.

Aside from Jupiter, combative Mars clashes with Saturn this week.  Before you attempt preaching from a ‘moral high-ground’ you’d be wise to make sure that’s where your shoes are. 

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