Cancer October 10th, 2017




And where do you express all that love you’ve got to give Cancer? Jupiter’s farewell to to your fourth suggests it’s time to be creative, to find other ways, people, places that could use your presence.  Maybe, you are the one needing to fill the reserves so to speak, and are faced with the challenge of nurturing yourself.

That said, many Cancerians have a special affinity with children. While Jupiter will be under influence of Scorpio for the next twelve months helping children who are needy, suffering or could otherwise use more attention would suit perfectly.  By acknowledging their needs, hurts and working with others outside of yourself, in effect you’ll be working with inner stuff that hasn’t been addressed in years.

Art, dance, or practicing meditation techniques can also help you move through dark patches.  Hopefully, this doesn’t sound like a gloomy horoscope – do remember Jupiter lightens up everything it touches. After having been in your home/family sector since last autumn you’ll find there really is a lot to look forward to as time goes by.

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