Capricorn October 10th, 2017


Taking all the responsibility on your shoulders, going it alone?  You may very well have received kudos for your work ethic and enviable ‘stick-to-it-ness’ Capricorn.  Yet, with Jupiter on it’s way out of your career sector, at least attempting to elicit a wee bit more support or reaching out to make new friendships, especially if you are moving into new territory, is where you’ll find an even greater source of strength.  

That isn’t to say career efforts will be fruitless.  Quite the contrary. It is just that Jupiter will be tickling your sides nudge you outside of any suffocating and/or too rigid spaces over the next year.  

As an aside, pontificating about ‘how it should be done’ at the wrong place, time or towards unreceptive folks isn’t likely to produce a favourable outcome.  Saturn remains in your twelfth for another few months suggesting the right way probably isn’t clear to you yet – so insisting you’ve got this all figure out can backfire. 

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