Libra October 10th, 2017


You’ve been dubbed the celestial favourite all year with Jupiter housed in your sign.  Perhaps you’ve witnessed another side of yourself in action? Have developed a more pronounced faith in yourself?  Experienced how quickly life can change when another perspective is wholeheartedly adopted?  I am not saying this has been the easiest year of your life Libra. Although, I highly doubt you haven’t noticed the personal transformation you’ve gone through over the passed two years.  

As Jupiter bids farewell and glides into deeper waters of Scorpio this next year will be about refining your beliefs – mainly about yourself as an individual but also in relation to other facets of your life. Are you walking your talk?  Do your values match your deeds?  With combative Mars currently in your twelfth up against the demands of authoritarian Saturn this would be a good time to create a plan that does take the aforementioned seriously into account. 

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