Pisces October 10th, 2017




Jupiter likely improved your finances or at least has you feeling on track, efficiently managing.  Part of the reason you’re feeling a little more comfortable financially is that Jupiter’s lesson rang through loud and clear: Trying to please everyone else doesn’t guarantee that money comes rolling back.   Choosing to give your unwavering best (by your standards) is the ticket. Unfortunately, it’s a lesson people pleasers learn too late, resulting in built-up resentments.  That’s not to say you are a people pleaser (albeit many a Pisces tend to wrestle with this character trait). Still, you won’t easily forget lessons learned over the passed year. From now until next autumn there is more to learn.  Maybe it’s time to go back to school? Set off to another land?

* If you are in the process of dividing resources (working out monetary issues in a divorce of sorts?) Jupiter will watch over you ensuring you don’t get the short end of the stick and/or tides will have a way of working out in your favor.

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