Sagittarius October 10th, 2017



Is your sense of authority being challenged Sagittarius?  While it is bound to irk you, Jupiter’s transition into Scorpio suggests biting your lip.  That is, at least until you can muster a calm state of mind from which to assess the ‘situation’ from a bird’s eye view.  

Jupiter, your signature planet, has been practically shoving you into new social situations, peaking your interest in internet-related relating and expanding your perspective of who you are as an individual amongst the many.  Striking out as the authority amidst the many, so to speak, kind of jars the hoped-for-experience of achieving unity don’t you think?  

As Jupiter does carry on into your 12th (known as the house of undoing), to stay for the next twelve months, you’ll notice that the more energy put forth to understand yourself the more comfortable you’ll feel handling anything presented outside yourself.  Your greatest strengths lie in expanding your consciousness for the next year Sagittarius. 

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