Taurus October 10th, 2017


What is your commitment style Taurus?  How far are you willing to go, willing to sacrifice to stay true to the official deal?  There is usually a pattern, most easily recognizable when contemplating your relationship history.  However, that pattern could pop up in regards to virtually anything you decide to commit to, work included.  

Jupiter’s move into Scorpio is all about relationships – the most significant ones.  And relationship are, arguably, the most important part of anyone’s life.   While Jupiter spends the next year here, bidding your work/service sector (ruled by Libra) adieu,  you’ll be questioning just what a relationship means for you. It will be helpful to notice where you’ve been hypocritical – how your idea of commitment towards one thing (eg. work) doesn’t jive when the variables (eg. relationships) change.

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