Virgo October 10th, 2017



I truly hope I’ve managed to rile you up (in a good way) last week, Virgo.  There are so many positive celestial vibrations working for you it would be a shame not to use them to your benefit.

This week as Lucky Jupiter moves into the deep waters of Scorpio let’s hope you’re ready to get busy.  There will be no shortage of things to do for the next twelve months – information to gather, people to talk to, places to go …you get the idea.  While Jupiter was in Libra hopefully your sense of self worth has indeed reached new heights.  A Virgo with faith can tackle virtually any job, seeing it through to success every time.  And that is, in essence, what you are working with – faith in yourself. 

As an aside, Mars is at a harsh angle to sobering Saturn this week.  Your will to do may go against another’s wishes or home related issues threaten to dampen to your drive. 


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