Full Moon in Gemini December 3rd, 2017


December 3rd, 2017

“If I only knew then what I know now… ”

We’ll have more than a little to say as the Full Moon builds, culminating in the realm of Gemini- the mercurial messenger, the quick-witted, independent rationalist. There will be more than a little to think about as well. Gemini’s influence is dual in nature. It draws information from all angles and disperses what it knows (or rather what it thinks) from a subjective position. The straight goods are cleverly intertwined with suppositions –the objective, indisputable ‘word’ hand delivered.

If you are of the age to remember talk of the information highway, the confusion and curiosity about what the term meant, what that would mean, it’ll give you a good idea about the air surrounding the Full Moon. The information highway is, of course, the Internet. It is the gathering spot of both official and unofficial intelligentsias. The majority of folks rely on it for news, to keep up on happenings and dabble in a social hub of all hubbubs. It is the main square where excessive subjectivity tosses around a balloon ball in a game called objectivity.

Consciously or not, we handpick fact from fiction adding it to this subjective stew. It is a giant pot of crazy we’re liable serve and lap up ourselves, professing it contains high nutrient value. We may even take it to market praising it’s a miracle elixir, the word of all words in our alphabet soup –because we so desperately need it to be. What has been deemed a remix of yesterday’s grub is further complicated under these growing lunar vibes. What we are fed and what we are feeding is at risk of being tainted with both Neptune and Mercury’s involvement.

Mercury begins backsliding in Sagittarius, Gemini’s opposing sign, on the same day as the Full Moon. A general slow down fraught with mishaps and miscommunications requires sharpening our focus, insists we pay close attention. We’ll naturally take pause beforehand as Mercury combines forces with Saturn on the 28th. Sobering thoughts will have found their way through, echoing murmurs and mumbles of words that sound like accountability and integrity. In another way, it’s like the hand of a commanding parent pressed firmly on the shoulder of a child spinning for shits and giggles. They submit, stand stunned and swaying, drunk from a dizzy spell. As they grow older, wiser, it’s not fun anymore, and there is no need of a ‘parent’ to step in and say so – or is there? The answer to that question is where Neptune lays claim, both confusing and beguiling. It can keep the spin going long after we’ve decided it’s time to stop.

Mr. Trump should be interesting figure to watch this week.