LEO November 14th, 2017

..The Lion...

Weekly Horoscope

Expressive and engaging is how you’re likely to be described this week Leo.  Maybe it’s become more apparent that you have an array of perspectives from which to choose and really want to get a hang of operating on the lighter side.   Funny how flipping too far one way tickles argumentative bones. What you’re insisting on for yourself   can be tough if you’re insisting other follow suit.  As such, near the arrival of the New Moon, which should produce a calm, can be disrupted by the need to enforce too much happy.  Are you a positive thinker pusher – emphasis on the ‘pusher’ ?  For clarity sake, and so I’m not unfairly labelled as a ‘Negative Nancy’ it’s kind of like baking bread. Any loud noises, a clap, a thang, a thud, made with dough rising in the oven and poof! down goes the centre. If genuine good vibes are emanating from your centre, sans the rah rah rah, chances are you’ll successfully connect with the centres of others keen on ‘rising’  .