NEW MOON in SCORPIO, November 18th, 2017

www.mysticmaidenastrology.comNovember 18th, 2017

Scorpio is deep. It grips to the ocean floor. Breath is secondary. It wants something more. More than what can be easily skimmed off the top. Under the Scorpion’s influence acclimatizing to the water pressure is effortless. It surrounds. We’re just in it. That may sound dark and depressing, although the New Moon is capable of handling this kind of pressure.

During FULL Moons what’s been hidden below is drawn up. It marks the end of lunar cycle – the moment we break the surface and emerge gasping with a sense of relief no matter the circumstance. The beginning of a Lunar cycle is calmer. It comforts like a weighty emotional blanket in Scorpio, driving us to descend further in search of an ocean pearl that promises to show the way. When we come up from this depth dive there’ll be much to report. At end of this cycle, with a Full Moon in Gemini, we’ll come up cramming as many words as can fit between breaths.  

Under the New Moon there’s a settling in to our determination. None will be easily swayed, anchored by our guts in this underworld. What is and has been fanned out across the public sphere perfectly describes the Scorpion influence. It is synonymous with investigative probing, sex, secrets, depth psychologically, taboos and inevitable pains of transformation process.

Mars squares Pluto a day after, on the 19th although we’re already feeling it. The new beginnings born from what we’re discovering are challenged. What do we do with our findings? Should relics, secrets, be brought up for examination in the open air? Is it enough to know it’s down there, ours alone? Or should it be shared with trusted friends. If it is brought up ,the meaning of the thing changes. In a different context it stimulates perspective changes, regardless of how comfortable we’ve become with its place in our life. We’ll be unable to keep psychological holding patterns that prevent movements upward. 

Mercury in Sagittarius offers another angle – viewing it all within ‘the grand scheme of things’. It weighs in with a long line of questioning about our ethics, collectively and as individuals. It keeps our mind above water scanning the sky. 

This New Moon also has the propensity to  reveal our advantages and where we feel at a disadvantage. The latter is trickier to work with, yet is likely the key to smoothing out rough edges in the transformation process. Negatively used Scorpio’s influence touches on vindictive veins and jealous streaks few admit to having or have never discovered in darker moments of self-reflection. In this way, personal pain is wielded as a competitive edge. Well-crafted justifications to ‘destroy’ another or hold them to blame, insist their utter involvement is necessary to heal, transform what we refuse to fully own. The idea of sharing the wound, in a way, believing it will split the degree of pain in half, unfortunately won’t stand to test.  

Maybe I went too far with this week’s post. What can I say — over doer Jupiter is in Scorpion territory and sits next to indulgent Venus. I’ll leave you on a brighter note then- New Moons are great. This New Moon is particularly good at directing us ‘where to go from here.’ It presents opportunities that will resonate with deeper instinctual drives, a heart center that screams authentic.





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