Taurus Nov.28th, 2017

...The Bull...

...The Bull...

Weekly Horoscope

There are a series of new vibes rolling through.  Thinker Mercury’s slowdown, Venus’ tour of freedom loving Sagittarius, begins and takes us through much of December. Stern Saturn stiffens on the cusp of Sagittarius. It’ll give us a taste of what to expect from Saturn’s presence in Capricorn on December 20th – a move that will shape the main theme of 2018 into 2020. Next, litigious Mars sits in opposition to out-of-the-blue Uranus flipping the switch. Jupiter and Neptune amplify an emotional stupor, recalling the New Moon in Scorpio.   Last, but not least, we’re building up to a confusing, mis-informative Full Moon in Gemini. 

Here are scenes from the celestial ride ahead, minus the astrological jargon:


The Wake-Up Call:

What for? For love? For money? Long term entanglements comfort at the cost of freedom.

The Rest Stop:

There are good reasons for wanting what you do.  Everybody’s got them – by the bucket full.

The Boost, the Blow out, the Bang:

Indecision provokes those who have clearly decided.  It’s a game changer.

End of Discussion…:

“Hmpf! I’m going to do whatever I want!” …but, but, but,…

What’s the confusion?:

“Shit.  What do I want again?”