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bio-picMy first experience reading was at eight years old. I spent several months in Greece where coffee reading was and still is very popular. As soon as friends and family members took their last sips of coffee, I would race over to read the myriad of lines that laced their cups. Although I no longer read coffee cups that early experience piqued my interest in the art of divination and mysticism.

I went on to study Art History earning a Bachelors Degree at the University of Toronto and continued my studies with a Master’s in Art Therapy. Art and mysticism share a common ground. The interpretation and history of symbols, creation and spirituality are all ever present on an Artist’s and Mystic’s path.  Astrology represents the epitome of both.  

Needless to say, the study of Astrology has been of deep interest to me – a passion, as far back as my early teenage years.  Over the last few decades I have studied under the guidance of Robin Armstrong, Founder of R.A.S.A School of Astrology, Canada (accredited by Professional Astrologers Incorporated). Not only has the study of astrology continued to complement my skills as a tarot and palm reader but increased my sensitivity to natural rhythms that seem to move our spirits through this wild ride we call life. It is my belief that when we are in alignment with these ‘frequencies,’ even if they are perceived as negative, a deeper understanding of self can be obtained offering a great advantage. Ultimately, any situation can be rendered a blessing – a challenge, that if met, allows us to move more gracefully with the cosmic groove. 

The interpretation of astrological charts is currently my main focus as a reader. However, I do continue to provide tarot and palmistry readings as the preparation time is minimal in comparison to an astrological analysis and can be conducted with short notice.  

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* Previous to operating Mystic Maiden I worked with a psychic entertainment company called The Three of Cups.  Here I worked with a variety of different groups including: La Senza Montreal, David’s Tea, Tetley Tea, Shopper’s Drug Mart and many more. Unfortunately the testimonials I received are property of Three of Cups and cannot be included here.

March 3rd, 2014

Thanks for coming it was a big hit! The girls are still talking about it:) I never realized what a natural you are with children , thanks again Marika

Don S.

July 6th, 2012

Dear Marika,

Lovely to meet with you today. Your intuition and reading was very accurate and resonated strongly with me. I truly appreciate you ability to accomodate me at the last minute. Enjoy the weekend!


May 7th, 2012

Thank you again for the reading the other day.  It’s amazing how things fall into place and make perfect sense the more you think about it.  It blows me away how you were able to see how the painting process is for me, (I can barely describe it myself), I knew what you meant and you nailed it.

Debra M.

March 21st, 2012

Marika! Wow – I think you are amazing! Everything was spot on. I haven’t had my palms read in 5 years, so I’m glad that you have also been a great experience and I am getting the same information. Obviously I am sceptical of a lot of psychics, but you have impressed me and are trustworthy. Cara has spoke highly of you and I trust her judgement as well.

Thank you again, Carissa 🙂

March 17th, 2012

Marika, thank you so much for your time and patience. One thing – I’ve been away from my whole family in Brazil for over 6 years. Bullseye! you are awesome!

Thanks again, Tatyana

February 6th, 2012

Hi Marika, I just wanted to say thank you for this afternoon. It was great to meet you. I walked away today feeling a lot better than I have in the last month. Thanks so much…you’re AWESOME!!!


February 12th, 2012

Marika, I just wanted to say how nice it was to meet you last weekend. You definitely have a healing energy and are an old soul.  I wish you’d stayed in New York longer.


January 16th, 2012

Thanks again for a fun night!  Like I said , I have been doing some serious rebuilding after this break up and feel full of focus and hope:)  Your readings just confirmed that I am doing exactly what I should be doing right now so it feels great.




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