Reading style and things to know before booking…

Reading Style and things to know before booking a reading with me…

Reading Style:

I am an intuitive, empathic reader. That is, before I look at your astrology chart or draw a single Tarot card I clear my mind and wait for an impression based on your name. From there I use your astrological chart and/or tarot cards to move deeper through intuitive pathways. Believe it or not having too much information about you before I am able to clear my mind can interfere with the reading. It creates a bias and sends me into my analytical brain, clogging intuitive pathways.

To clarify, analytical readings are usually based on memorized information from other people’s interpretations of symbols (in both Tarot and Astrology). These preconceived meanings are simply regurgitated by analytical readers. I have spent decades working on a dream diary to familiarize myself with my own set of meanings associated with images and symbols that appear to me. Thus, my first impressions of you usually come in the form of images, symbols and that little voice. Technically these abilities are labeled Clairvoyant (seeing images), Clairaudient (hearing voices) and Clairsentient (sensing). In short, to access these intuitive channels it is imperative that I am free from distractions or any other kind of input/information externally. 

Things to know before booking a reading:

  • Predicting date of death (yourself or someone else). This is delicate matter to say the least. If I receive an impression I will look further into the details to offer some insight. However, if I do not have an initial impression I understand that to mean the information is not meant to be given to you at this time.  
  • Serious health issues (yourself or someone close) are also delicate matters in a reading. I often receive initial impressions (usually along with a colour) of an area of the body. If that happens I will look further into your chart/tarot cards to get further details. While I can offer some insight I am not a medical practitioner.
  • Medium/ Connecting with deceased: Occasionally I am able to relay messages from people who have passed. It usually happens spontaneously. They come to me not the other way around.
  • Other People/Relationships. If other people come up in a reading, as they often do, I will focus on your role/perspective of the relationship. Often the people in our lives mirror unresolved, repressed issues we have within ourselves. Of course, if you have booked a compatibility/relationship reading time will be spent discussing the other person. However, with all readings more time will always be spent on your position within in the relationship.


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