ALL SIGNS October 18th-24th, 2016

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October 18th-24th, 2016

Venus enters indulgent Sagittarius on the 18th just after a particularly tough Full Moon offering refreshing views and even a renewed lust for life. There really isn’t enough time to stand stirring the sad pot; although, on the flip side the consequences of overdoing a good thing always does manage to come back to haunt us. So get a little closer, dig a little deeper and aim to find what is worth embracing, standing for. The adventurous spirit of the Archer calls for a mission to find where light exists in the dark, an acknowledgement of the superficial so it can be cleared from serious thought, and a rekindling of primitive life affirming instincts to take root so we can reach a little higher –not only for ourselves but for everyone’s sake.

ARIES: Are you all in Aries? There is a heck of a lot more to learn about what has always been right in front of you. Zoom in to get a glimpse of this panorama – paradoxical to be sure but that’s life isn’t it? Your relationships will blossom and desire to commit will deepen merely through acceptance.

TAURUS: Determined to have more? Do more? Be more? Yet stuck on a marry -go-round? Hopefully the Full Moon finally removed those blinders. You’re not stuck Taurus. The choice has always been yours and never a matter of what ‘they’ are doing for you or how ‘they’ see you but what you are doing for you. And it isn’t about where you’ve been. It is about where you are choosing to go.

GEMINI: Love is light n’easy. It is stands steady below the crap that we get distracted by far too often. Hopefully you’re toying with the cosmic energies that have been kicked up on the decline of the recent Full Moon. No one else can match you/infect you with ‘the crap’ when light n easy love gets hold of that stress ball(s) and starts playin’ hacky sack.

CANCER: If your relationship with him/her this/that isn’t what you want it to be denying or forcing things to be different defeats the purpose don’t you think? Work on making peace with yourself and go from there. At the end of the week there be a deeper need to indulge in secret/private comforts.

LEO: To hell with being tight lipped just to maintain a happy façade/relations. The urge to express, break free from the entanglements of others ‘stuff’ is simply too strong to ignore. If you have to hunker down in the coziest corner of your abode or throw on earphones to blast your favorite music for a while, so be it. That is, as long your actions/behavior isn’t a dramatic display of rebellion. Ultimately the maintenance of personal boundaries is your responsibility.

VIRGO: It seems this will be a rock in a hard place kind of scenario. After biting your lip and nodding in agreement you’ll have to just make the best of it. In fact, that is exactly what the cosmos is hoping for. Pluto and Mars are nestled in your solar fifth, in effect aggressively teasing out the best of your creative problem solving skills. Love and lust, money and worth, enchantments and realisms they all fit in somewhere. How those ideas are weighted and distributed is a conundrum that might keep you busy for a while.

LIBRA: A practically forced settlement opens up new possibilities. So if you haven’t been making the time, all of a sudden you’ll find there is plenty of it now. That is for the good things, the easy things, the stuff that makes you want to kiss the sky and wave off those nit-picking gulls that have blocked your view for so long. Private, internal nattering might go on, but at least you have control over that.

SCORPIO: No use tossing and turning –head to the fridge and indulge. Not everything has to be handled, have intense meaning in your life. Ice cream is simple. Tastes good. Looks good. Feels good. Forget the calories for a minute. Just let it be simple, do what it does best – silently comfort and console. The same goes for a good nap or a blissful daydream. It’s more productive than tossing and turning isn’t it?

SAGITTARIUS: There isn’t much choice but to go for it is there Sag? Venus is out of the mist leaving behind all the contemplative agony tied to the question “what do I really want.” Take a good look. Commit the simplicity of these thoughts, ideas to memory. By the end of the week you’ll be dipping back down into the emotional, psychological weeds hoping to find the deeper meaning in all of this. On the other hand maybe you’ll just sleep a little more and let your nocturnal dreams tackle the tangle.

CAPRICORN: I wouldn’t budge if I were you either. Of course, you probably won’t want to plant your feet in cement just about to cure. The follow through of what your thinking/doing/saying is more valuable than mere statements and solidifies your suppositions with admirable – even regal posture. As your solar tenth is still brightly lit (until the end of this week) the authenticity of your ‘public’ image is exactly what will bring you more freedom to reign. It is the ease acquired when real respect is built from the inside out.

AQUARIUS: You might consider everyone ‘a friend’ Aquarius. Although, there is something untouchable even your closest companions can’t touch. Maybe you’re moving too fast, too far ahead in your thoughts that your heart lags behind. It becomes too easy to forgo heartfelt bonds as you zip through the highways of your mind. It seems it will have to be that way for now. However, by the end of the week I bet you’ll surprise yourself, uttering sentiments that know nothing of highways.

PISCES: If nothing less, you know where you stand. Can you hack it? Judging by this cosmic configuration it seems one of those moments where too much of a good thing jars the nerves. It is a laughing, crying, holy cow kind of moment. Maybe even a handful of those moments. You can hack it darling. Although I can’t say there isn’t a lot more to learn before you can calm those nerves, feel steady on your feet with head held high.


ALL Sun Signs – June 6th, 2016


Weekly Forecast

June 6th 2016

If there is one thing you can trust it is that you are not the only one. You are not the only one struggling to evolve, dealing with deaths, divorcements, changes of being, changes of state inside and out or find yourself entangled in endless stream of whispers relaying who you are and what you truly want – frustrated further as you try to express and communicate the experience to find meaning or lean on like-minded musketeers, devoted compadrés or obsessional sycophants. It’s the frustration itself that takes form, becomes manifest –what is brought up for need of acceptance, tolerance and compassion and it goes on, will go on every second of every moment of everyday. True, ‘it ‘could exist behind the scenes of a chosen distraction, yet, somehow manages to permeate those defenses often enough to produce this dance we call life. If there is no contact with the underlying energy (the cosmic rhythm), the abstract essential source, there is no getting a handle on anything, person, place animal or vegetable and your ‘moves’ will never be in sync with an at once ultimate, yet, elusive idea of success.

So no. You are not the only one. You are no better and no worse. You are, however, like everyone else and central to it all – not the God of gods or demon of all Demons but a humble source of creation itself –taking it and dishing it, forever in the act of balancing the constant ever-changing forces.

This week is an opportune time to think passed your obstacles, self-made distractions, and most convincing excuses. Who cares where, when or what was born from the past. Care about what you carry with you now. The same person who shouldered this or that back then is the same person, the only person, who can drop ‘it’ now. Uproot that gnarled weed that has grown in your mind and grab hold of ‘it’ by the tendrils that have so long made a home in your gut of guts.

Trailing on with last week’s sentiments about exercising your ‘authentic self’, here is a link to an interesting article from the New York Times published on June 4th, 2016 (It may be a bit lengthy for some, but you’ll be amply rewarded with its closing lines):

Unless You’re Oprah, “Be Yourself” is Terrible Advice