Heavy Head?

May 30th, 2017 

heavy head

It should ease up as the week tapers off…..


May 30th – June 5th, 2017




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NEW MOON in GEMINI May 25th, 2017


New Moon

May 25th, 2017

“The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of. We know the truth not only by the reason, but by the heart. — Blaise Pascal

The Super New Moon in communicative Gemini on the 25th is the highlight of this week’s astrological happenings. What makes it Super? It will be hovering nearest the earth in its monthly orbit. While it is closer, heightening ‘intended’ effects it will not be visible. Nonetheless, it will be undoubtedly felt and in a different manner than would be experienced at the time of a Full Moon.

New Moons signify a time of beginnings, a period of rest from our last Moon cycle- one that raised the emotional intensity of Scorpio on May 10th. Emotions do not typically rule the day under a New Moon – even if it is deemed ‘super’. Rather, it is a time where heads and hearts have the opportunity to equalize allowing some reprieve from topsy-turvy inner dialogues that push to find there way up and out during a Full Moon.

What makes this New Moon different, aside from its ‘super’ status is its position in thinker Gemini amidst other pressing celestial vibes. First, Gemini is made of mind stuff and isn’t keen on negotiating with active emotional fodder. That doesn’t mean feelings aren’t there, only that they are not given top priority in our decision-making and won’t seem to hold sway over our perspective… consciously anyway.  

Here is the twist. Heart-minded Venus clashes with almighty purge-inducer Pluto on the same day as the New Moon. This planetary interplay can ignite a battle between what our logical side insists on (and can be so darn sure of) and what are guts are begging us to acknowledge. Needless to say this could lead to a significant change of heart. It’s a change of heart lead by our mind’s desperate attempt to gain the upper hand – something that may leave a good chunk of our hearts out in the cold. In short, mind-stuff will attempt to out-rule valid claims of the heart.

In another way, should we grapple too long with our tick-tock minds ignoring gut-bound butterflies they will flit and flail at an uncomfortable pace. Those flits and flails can then easily turn into heart pounding flip-flops, squeezes and sprains if the call of your heart is not given due respect.

That said, the universe might be stubborn this week in earnest attempts to steer us right. We may be harshly set straight by the hand of outside forces and/or suffer pains born of our own growing self-awareness. We might wonder if it really needs to be this hard. Following that sentiment may actually convince us to take a counterproductive approach where we instead contort our thinking in resistance to inner senses– writing them off as too messy or irrational. Ultimately we can find ourselves deciding to pledge allegiance solely to what we know by way of logical, ‘fact’-driven material. That’s not a great strategy if you are on the hunt for a more fulfilling life. And New Moons are the best time to take those first steps. Don’t forget this is a Super Moon. The universe is listening intently and ready to get that ball of intention rolling.

I did mention last week that life wouldn’t be as tension-filled and I’ll stand behind that. The stresses that come about this week are not ‘tense’ rather they are in motion. We are churning through our messes (motivated to make sense of them) and not necessarily stuck (as the term tense would apply).

As this next lunar cycle kicks in then, on Gemini’s watch, we are encouraged to sharpen our communication skills and use our minds proactively. It will be important to express how we feel if only to hold it up against how we ‘think’ we feel. There is a difference. Words can rarely, if ever, truly describe those raw-felt speechless truths – although, we can convince ourselves otherwise sometimes.


May 23rd – May 29th, 2017

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