New Moon in Libra October 19th, 2017


October 19th, 2017

Libra loves to deliberate the options. A New Moon marks the beginning of a cycle – a time to plant seeds. Yet, I am not so sure if we’ll have the luxury of handpicking what to do next. It seems we’ve already made our choices. We have been reacting by reflex.  

Jupiter dropped a hammer to knee when it moved into Scorpio last week. The motion re-introduced us to hidden psychological caverns. It resonated with, and so brought to light secrets, self-defining beliefs and awakened previously unconscious yearnings – causing us to kick out. 

Uranus’ opposition to the New Moon juices up the nerves that caused us to kick out. An episode of reflexive kicks gone wild is the program du jour. Of course, there are some stabilizing influences in place. There always are. Doctors couldn’t test our nervous responses if they thought we would go into full body convulsions. The universe means well. And you know it. How well is questionable -now that is something worth deliberating under a Libran New Moon.

Deciding, then, whether or not we are making the right choice, isn’t exactly proactive. Rather, gaining a greater depth of understanding, accepting the forces that move us, have moved us without much conscious effort at all, highlights the starting point. It’s a seed planted long ago waiting for attention. Why not give it fighting chance?

The truth hurts, its seeds are germinating.  Jupiter in Scorpio will continue to remind us for the next year. Uranus, in turn, will send electrical flashes through our nervous system inspiring us to throw a foot forward. In short, it will feel like an excessively hard hammer to the knee followed by a shocking jerk of our senses. This New Moon emphasizes the case.  However unsettling, one thing is for sure – we are alive and kicking.





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Gemini October 17th, 2017

Weekly Horoscope


Why not go out on limb for this one Gemini?  Does the prospect excite you, stand to offer the most bang for whatever bucks are required? If you do take the plunge, ample time spent visualizing how that may alter daily life will be worth its weight in gold.  In fact, the better understanding of what, exactly, is expected of you the better off you’ll be.  

The New Moon on the 19th, will create a atmosphere of rebellion and/or unpredictable changes on the social front, with co-workers etc. So if you can justify going out on a limb, you’ll be either prompted to hang tight or manage a calculated jump. Whatever the case, the wind is a blowin’.  


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