GEMINI July 1st-July 7th, 2014

sun oppose plutoALL SIGNS: The first half of 2014 is officially over.  The second half won’t be nearly as difficult.  Rather the opportunity to apply what you have learned through your experiences will present themselves as Jupiter changes signs this month.  Keep an open heart and mind lest they pass you by unnoticed.


 Oh Gemini.  Have you been a little indecisive lately?  Thank goodness Mercury is now moving forward once again.  In truth it will take a few weeks before you really feel like the ground isn’t shifting beneath you and spinning your head in all directions wondering which way to go.  It doesn’t help that action planet Mars has been in Libra, for what probably feels like forever now (really it has only been since early December, but that is long enough!).  There may be a few power struggles or run ins with authority figures (likely to do with money) this week which does help to snap you out of this indecisive mode.  Sometimes a healthy tete a tete is all it takes to put you back in balance. Pay close attention to what is and leave the what ifs and could be’ behind for now as it will just cloud your thinking.  July has some interesting aspects in store that are bound to make you feel a lot more comfortable with all the things that have been going on in your life over the past six or more months.

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The main theme of July has much to do with how you earn a living and in turn how you value yourself relative to your ability to make the dough.  Your thinking will be much clearer since your ruler and planet of communication Mercury will be operating at its best. However, Mars remains in Libra for most of the month which could still leave you weighing the pros and cons for the first three or so weeks of the month.  Once Mars moves into Scorpio on the 25th a very concise strategy in how to proceed will form taking a considerable amount of pressure off.

The big news this months is Jupiter’s entry into Leo.  This giant planet has been spreading its positive rays in your financial sector for a full year.  You likely have noticed that money has been flowing in a more sure and steady fashion as opposed to major lump sums or jumps in salary – although the latter would have still been possible depending on your particular chart. From now until next summer Jupiter will expand your communications and short distance travel sector amounting to whole lot more for you to do.  The details will be important in all your endeavors and relations yet Jupiter is not one to fuss with the small stuff.  This presents a bit of a conundrum.  For instance the first go to strategy in dealing with ‘more on your plate’ is to adopt a catch all philosophy to keep you grounded and on task. That will be difficult to do simply because of the variety of things you will be dealing with and learning about for the next year.  The New Moon on the 26th will give you a taste of what Jupiter has in store and encourage you to use the energy of Mars in Scorpio after the 25th to start an exercise routine or healthier habits to keep you good and strong for what is to come for the second half of 2014.


Sorry for the delay!  I am having trouble with my internet connection and since it is a National Canadian Holiday it has been difficult to resolve the problem.  Your forecasts will be posted as soon as possible.  Thanks for your patience.