Post Eclipse – What’s Next… August 22nd, 2017


The awe and wonder of the Solar Eclipse will not fade quickly. As the Moon speeds ahead of the Sun (effectively kicking off the new lunar cycle) it will meet with Mercury. Mercury is actually moving backwards to the exact degree of the where the Eclipse took place. At that point (28 degrees Leo) Mercury will pause (on Sept.5th) to receive enlightening vibes from Uranus (at 28 degrees Aries) further encouraging our heads and hearts to operate in sync. Mars too presses on towards the Eclipse point.  In other words, the message of the Eclipse will be echoed by other planetary forces – particularly during the first few day of September where there is a high potential of profound flashes of creative genius – something that requires both an open heart (to receive) and plenty of patience between now and September 5th.

Also worth noting is Saturn’s placement, stationary direct this week. As it prepares to move forward the ‘higher mind’, our beliefs and time itself are emphasized under the influence of Sagittarius.

Lastly, since this Mercury retrograde period, which started on August 12th, is pertinent to what may be coming next it will be useful to re-read the horoscopes written at the beginning of the phase (click on your sign below): 





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LEO August 15th, 2017

Weekly Horoscope

August 15th – August 22nd, 2017

The week kicks off with Wanting Venus confronted by Truth-or-Nothing Pluto and encourages us seek understanding while at a harsh angle to Jupiter in judicial sign of Libra. We ‘ll be digging deep to find the calm in the center of our own storms – the unquestionable steady that has gotten us this far and that will (fingers crossed) allow us to go even further with strength and grace.

Of course, the Solar Eclipse is the highlight of this week’s astrology. Unfolding in fire sign Leo, energized by Warrior Mars and pulsing with anticipatory vibes of Uranus, it’s a rare opportunity to commune with our own lion/lioness-hearted selves.


Where the Solar Fire is…

Your Heart. Soul. Creative Bursts.

There is more to you than meets the eye – even your own eyes.  We are looking to you to show us the essence of what the sunny and generous lion-hearted can do – for real now, not just for the show. The truest hearts shine brightest. 

Where it is driving you…

Smack dab in the centre of yourself to draw upon light to share. 

August 21st SOLAR Eclipse

August 7th LUNAR Eclipse…


Where improvement, more time and/or greater effort may be needed:

Have all these changes (likely made over the passed few years) been worth it? Does your life reflect what you value most?  

Discerning with the utmost clarity what you do, indeed value most.  

Finding new ways to earn a living, earning extra on the side and/or standing up for a bigger share of pie. 

Potential rewards?

Improved ability to communicate that results in an even sturdier sense of self-confidence, especially in your relationships (with friends, family, neighbours, co-workers, employees, bosses etc.)

August 7th LUNAR Eclipse…


The above forecasts offer a general view, based only on the relative position of the Sun. Everyone’s chart is unique and so a personal chart analysis based on the particulars of your birthdate, time and place can reveal a very different picture.


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