LEO July 1st-July 7th, 2014

sun oppose plutoALL SIGNS: The first half of 2014 is officially over.  The second half won’t be nearly as difficult.  Rather the opportunity to apply what you have learned through your experiences will present themselves as Jupiter changes signs this month.  Keep an open heart and mind lest they pass you by unnoticed.


 It is unlikely you will get any time to yourself this week Leo – not that you are the loner type, but for the next few weeks you are might want to take more than a few moments away from the crowd.  If you have been pushing too hard and trying to fit too much in, particularly at work the Sun’s opposition to Pluto on the 4th will give a clear signal to dial it back.  A power struggle or confrontation is likely to make your temper rise that can drain you of energy quite abruptly.  While it is not advisable to lay low just yet and avoid, what looks like a necessary confrontation, it would benefit you to make good use of the Venusian vibes that are currently being cast over Gemini.  In other words find the sweet spot and use it as a pivot point to bring up more serious issues.

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July is an interesting month for Leo.  It begins with a lot of activity, slows right down and finishes off with you in the lead despite noticeable lag in energy (especially mentally).  Both Mercury and Venus will be entering your twelfth house during the first two weeks making you somewhat unsure of just where you stand on the many issues that keep creeping up – yet giant Jupiter enters your sign after a full year of being in hibernation in this same area.  Jupiter’s move is in fact the biggest news this month since it’s influence is greatly beneficial in terms of personal growth and learning, and will have an profound affect on you for the year to come.  As it enters your sign on the 18th you will be the star of the show Leo.  For many Leos, even the shy ones, you truly do want to be ‘on stage’ and leading the crowd with your natural optimism. The problem, at least for the first part of the month, is not knowing exactly what steps to take.  If this past year has taught you anything it is to pay attention to your dreams, intuition and gut feelings –they won’t steer you wrong as the aim of your soul is to be genuinely happy. 

Part of the fussing that you have likely dealt with (paperwork, details, gathering of information), particularly in relation to family since last December is thankfully coming to end this month as well.  Mars has spent an extraordinary long time in Libra dulling its regular ability to incite decisive action – but as of the 25th a new sense of direction emerges and with it the determination to barrel ahead unfettered by the small stuff.  If you have plans to move or are re-figuring far off plans for the future they will likely be formulated at the end of this month and into August — just in time for your new birthday year.


Sorry for the delay!  I am having trouble with my internet connection and since it is a National Canadian Holiday it has been difficult to resolve the problem.  Your forecasts will be posted as soon as possible.  Thanks for your patience.