Horoscopes for week of December 12th, 2017

Week of December 12th, 2017 

Some days, weeks are just meant for living, operating however, without apology. We are not going anywhere in a hurry – or I’d advise against it anyway. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should sit at home biting your fingernails. Rather, strongly consider that forcing it all to work another way, before it’s time, will only strengthen a defeatist attitude. And that’s the last thing we need as Saturn prepares to cross into Capricorn next week. While it may feel like were a bunch of antsy horses, pacing at the gate on race day, once the gate opens and Saturn makes its move, reality will strike. And there we’ll be, dumbstruck to discover it’s not a race. If you can’t help but look at it that way my money is on the tortoise. Did you know the Galapagos Tortoise can live up to 190 years old?

ARIES: Savor the experience –there’s more to learn from living it. The long road ahead can’t be built on bullshit (based on what someone else has written) especially if you want others to follow your lead or support your cause.

TAURUS: You’re right- money does change everything…depending on your definition of ‘everything’ of course.

GEMINI: Long term commitment, dedication to one thing offers as much variety and stimulation as any number of short-term any-things. There’s a better chance of having more to show for it, in the end, too.

CANCER: If every day truly was just like yesterday and what you expect the next day might be wise to consider how much potential power truly living today has on tomorrow. A l’il livin’ can go a long way.

LEO: Fun. Have it. Be it. Live it. Work it into ‘work’.

VIRGO: You can lay your hat down anywhere and call it home. It really depends on your definition of ‘home’. In fact, there are a good many words requiring an update in your personal dictionary.

LIBRA: Might want to carry around a tape recorder if you’re sick of repeating the same thing over and over. Then again, maybe you aren’t so sure the playback is in your best interest. Consider ‘the pause’ or what’s referred to as a ‘rest’ in music.

SCORPIO: The words, the plan, the money come in their sweet time – at a time when the phrase less is more rings unquestionably true.

SAGITTARIUS: It won’t show on your face. You won’t let’ em see you sweat. If your motivations are in question who cares? Frankly it’s nobody’s business – until you decide differently.

CAPRICORN: Blah. Take the time. Drop the expectations, the guilt. Let the ‘plan’ come to you or at least wait until the sun comes up. Chasing life in the dark without a flashlight goes too far against your practical nature.

AQUARIUS: Re-visit. Wander around taking it in at your leisure. Who and what you gravitate towards, when your energy wanes, is telling. It’s a different ball game when you have to dip into your reserves.

PISCES: If you’re dreaming about flying solo, looking to be placed at the top of the heap, settle back into those real life shoes. You are likely, at the top of something. However, to maintain your stay I’d advise not flying for one, and two, finding a reliable hand who knows the territory.

Week of December 5th, 2017

ALL SIGNS December 5th to December 12th, 2017

The air is still a bit strange after Sunday’s Full Moon. As it wanes, its effects linger like a fog slowly rolling on.   It isn’t just the Moon. Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and Mercury, paradoxically expand this static slowdown. If anything, recognizing the virtues of good timing and patience will do more to clear the air than anything else. Conversely, attempts to manufacture clarity where there is none, yet, can cause unnecessary frustration.   Is it ever wise to run in a fog? While it is rolling on and obstacles become easier to identify, trudging ahead prematurely could just lead to another foggy patch.

It is tempting to push harder, get on with it already. Justice seeker Libra, an air sign, has been fanning fiery Mars since the end of October. It has made for a lengthy and exhausting decision-making process. I’d describe it as an aggressive flip-flop of a giant fish tail lying on the dock. That animating force is not gone. The unrelenting inner dialogues and heated discussions won’t exactly disappear. Rather that energy, the argument, internal conflict grows heavier – a consolidation of will lands the flailing fish one side or the other. 

Mars will leave Libra, entering Scorpio on the 9th ushering a perceptible shift.   Scorpio -a water sign, an emotionally subjective realm is a natural placement for Mars. Here the thrashing fish tail functions as an effective rudder sensitive to directional instruction from now until the end of January 2018.

Much like navigating through a fog, instinct and intuition is relied on to a greater extent for guidance through what feels like too vast an unknown space –first the fog, now the open sea. It’s better than flailing on the dock so we won’t be keen on turning back. And here is where subduing the urge to push forward and the importance of good timing and patience present as valuable assets. Should the vast unknown evoke fear, provoke anxiety or trigger insecurity the desire to manufacture clarity compounds. Emotions threaten to take over, muffling rather than enhancing useful and applicable to the moment, insight.

“When you reach the end of what you should know, you will be at the beginning of what you should sense. — Kahlil Gibran

“Intuition is the clear conception of the whole at once.”           —  Johann Kaspar Lavater