LIBRA Feb.1st-8th, 2016


Weekly Forecast

February 1st-8th, 2016

Lovely Libra the home is where the heart is this week. It seems that the planetary influences have brought your attention to your domestic zone for quite a few weeks now suggesting that there are indeed changes taking place. In fact, you might be sick of it already but hopefully at this point are feeling that any issues you dealt with in January are winding down. By the end of the second week of February chances are you will be feeling a tad lighter and are able to weave in a little more fun time. That doesn’t mean responsibilities will disappear but they will be easier to manage.

Tensions could arise on the 6th and 7th – perhaps resulting from a recap of sorts that serve to close down the situation you were dealing with in January. It doesn’t seem like a blow out by any means although you’ll have to make an honest assessment of just what you think you are worth – something not to be underestimated.

NEW MOON in AQUARIUS February 8th, 2016

This is a fabulous New Moon for you Libra. Over the next few weeks your inner genius really will shine freeing you up from any greyness you or anyone else has cast over your being. Energy levels are up and you are ready to seize the days of February spreading your own eclectic mix of personality traits to brighten all those around you. Carpe diem.

“Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.”

Albert Camus, Notebooks 1935-1942

LIBRA Jan.26th-Feb.1st, 2016


Weekly Forecast

January 26th-February 1st, 2016 

While you may not know exactly how you have it all under control there exists a strange certainty that you do. Life is not packaged in a neat little box complete with a perfectly tied bow. It’s messy. Stuff is always changing and moving– sometimes for better and sometimes seemingly for worse. However, the more adamant you are about sticking to the truth and governing yourself with a healthy handling of tough love the greater your ability to handle whatever craziness happens ‘out there’. Truth is you resonate with these outside tumultuous zings and zaps almost as if it were your own. It may not be wholly, but your connection, your sense of familiarity with this particular brand of hub-bub is not far from your own experiences or outside your realm of feeling/understanding.   Thus, fostering a stronger personal discipline bolsters your resolve to ‘lay down the law’ with confidence.

I think every individual has his or her own power, and it’s a matter of working, taking time and defining what that power is. -Jill Scott

Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them. — Henry Ford