LIBRA July 1st-July 7th, 2014

sun oppose plutoALL SIGNS: The first half of 2014 is officially over.  The second half won’t be nearly as difficult.  Rather the opportunity to apply what you have learned through your experiences will present themselves as Jupiter changes signs this month.  Keep an open heart and mind lest they pass you by unnoticed.


Let’s hope you are on a plane, train or cruising in an automobile to your happy place this week Libra.  If not, and you are dealing with legal issues or fussing around with paperwork and career woes, not to worry there is still much to gain in fostering a new an improved perspective on life as a result.  Both Venus and Mercury are insisting on updating your knowledge base to prepare you for the next phase.  All the cardinal signs, including yours have no doubt dealt with brand new experiences this year and so integrating all you have learned is simply a necessity if you are to few whole and confident about where you are headed.  Mars has been energizing your sign for over seven months now and will be moving into another area of your chart later on this month.  While it will be a relief – nobody can go go go forever, before the end of the month use your last bit of energy to assert yourself in such a way that you or others are not questioning your intentions.

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July is a major career month for you Libra.  You are likely to be in the spotlight or receiving more attention than normal even outside of career matters so it would behoove you to dress your best and enlist your considerable talent for diplomacy.  During the first week you could hit something of a brick wall with a certain someone or are confronted by a long held fear.  It may not necessarily materialize but it does need to be addressed in some fashion.  Mars has boosted your confidence over the last seven or more months so it would be a shame not to root out anything in your core that echoes as ‘unsure’.  In other words if you are feeling uneasy about something and/or this results in a confrontation with another -face it, explore it and say your peace.

The big news this month is Jupiter’s move into Leo.  This giant planet has been touring Cancer for a full year and has been busy doling out lessons that pertain to your public persona and career.  As its lucky vibes will soon be cast in the sign of the proud lion Leo you will no longer feel that you are at the center but more a strong and valuable member of a team.  This is exactly where you shine your best Libra.  More than any other sign you love to bring people together and do your best to harmonize the vibes of the collective.



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