Weekly Forecast

For the week starting Tuesday December 6th, 2016

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Detaching from the outcome and letting go of expectations, especially in relation to intimate affairs will allow life to flow at its best this week. Inspiration, epiphanies have been brewing waiting to come to the surface with ample room to play. Put another way, by keeping up with the pace set by the cosmic currents it’s possible to liberate yourself from weight of 2016. Unfortunately, there may be a tendency to let things go only to a point. A thought, feeling or idea can create so much excitement that you’ll want to pull it out of the ethereal field and cling to it – needless to say damming the free flowing forces. It shouldn’t be a big issue until perhaps the 10th when the Sun bumps up against Saturn.

Also, with the influence of earth signs Capricorn & Virgo encouraging us to remain aware and somewhat practical and Jupiter offering a few lessons in how to maintain balance it looks like a pretty good week ahead. Keep in mind the Moon will be building, blossoming in Gemini on the 13th. There are decisions to made hinging on our ability to let go and let be if we are to gather what useful information there is to be had from the experiences over week.

ARIES: Lead the way Aries. Your brand of joie de vivre offers up the right kind of inspiration to keep us all moving on the up and up. What is reflected back may also carry you through a learning curve that you have been hesitant to cruise. In fact, you may wonder what on earth was holding you back for so long.

TAURUS: This is a great time to jump into those once scary changes you’ve been hoping to initiate. If, by chance, you are wondering why the ball is rolling this way I suspect you’ll be able to pinpoint where the intention was born. This in turn can make the seat your in a touch more comfortable. ….and Taurus loves the idea of comfort.

GEMINI: There are so many opportunities and experiences to be had out there. If you found yourself stuck on merry-go-round that you feel you should have jumped off already – well the ideal moment to take that leap is fast approaching. A certain someone is there for support if need be.

CANCER: It is an ideal time to set your priorities straight Cancer. Keep in mind that keeping promises and committing yourself to others are important you also have to take your needs into account. Creating the right balance between yourself and ‘other’ will heavily influence how your life unfolds in the New Year.

LEO: An independent spirit is reawakened in you this week Leo. Your love life will respond in kind if you allow yourself the freedom to do your own thing. Essentially the more of yourself you let out the greater the possibility of igniting that spark of life that you may have felt was missing until now.

VIRGO: Set yourself up right Virgo. Anything from rearranging the furniture to experimenting with technological ‘stuff’ will breathe new life into virtually anything you are into right now. That includes work and relationships of any kind. Essentially, deliberately making a move, initiating even the simplest changes can offer the inspiration you need to keep creative fires burning steadily.

LIBRA: Things are moving fast enough for you Libra. Unlike the other members of the zodiac you won’t have as much of a choice but to keep up, go with the flow. That doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to being a frenzied mess. This could actually be fun – if you want it to be. A sense of humor will probably come in handy.

SCORPIO:   The big picture; the greater good; eye up in the sky and focused on higher principles will keep you cruising with the cosmic current without a hiccup for most of the week. There might be a few bumps over the weekend and into next week. Although, you’ll be more than prepped for the Full Moon when it comes time deal with the (what previously would have been more acutely) stressful particulars.

SAGITTARIUS: Refiguring what your priorities are, what you value is clearing the mental cobwebs. It normally wouldn’t have taken this long to figure this up and rev up that naturally optimistic spirit of yours. However, Saturn has been sitting your way – an obstacle not easily conquered. If anyone can find the silver lining and shine her up you can. Actually, carving out those priorities even further will likely be the force that gets that stubborn ball rolling.

CAPRICORN: The Sun is still hiding out in your hidden world twelfth – a usual occurrence in the weeks leading up to your Birthday. While, you are better able to communicate it is likely that you may not even bother unless you really think it is worth it in the grand scheme. Consider it a major strength under these skies as other members of the zodiac struggle to maintain stability through constantly changing winds while you seem to hardly exert any energy at all to keep steady.

AQUARIUS: Part of you might want to step back and let the world unravel as it will. The other side wants to join the crowd and stir the pot here and there. It might be useful to indulge in both. However, it isn’t likely you’ll achieve the balance you are looking for with a fifty-fifty split. You’ll have to feel it out, sharper your observation skills if you want to maximize the effects of those ‘pokes’ you take that you find so entertaining.

PISCES: You might want to keep your plans to yourself, work in private on one hand. On the other hand you seem pretty darn excited and/or anxious about future plans and would love to bring it all out in open. There will be time for that at some point. However, your best guide right now is your intuition and you’ll have to slow down long enough to listen. In other words you’re in the middle of something that requires focus and attention to what is happening in the present moment – not in past nor in the future. Keep her steady as she goes because she’s goin’ Pisces.


December Monthly Forecast 2016



The New Moon in Sagittarius and Chiron pressing on a sore spot before moving forward wrapped up the last week of November. It was a crazy making month – like trying to find your footing on a ship that is violently rocking back and forth. If you found yourself not sure what to do or why but knowing damn well you’ve got to do something you weren’t the only one.   That something can still happen. However, patience and practicality will have to man the ship. It wouldn’t hurt to rekindle a humble curiosity in effort to hunt down what you don’t know either. That might take some work – especially if all you’re after is a pat on the back from others. Ultimately if you are not feeling satisfied and grounded in your own sense of self worth it won’t matter how loud the applause.

It has been said more than a few times by now – 2016 was a tough year. Mars’ prolonged tour through the pains of Scorpio and overzealous plights of Sagittarius likely proved exhausting. It seemed it was a year for purging psychological material and as our insides were shaken up shattering what we thought were airtight perspectives. There was no avoiding it when November came around. Some wounds probably still linger yet this ‘something’ moving through now is hopefully starting to show the way out of so many wrongs that have been recognized this year.

During the second week of December as Venus moves into the humanitarian sign of Aquarius hearts will lighten yet be focused on how we need to move forward. Usually with Venus there is talk of love and all things nice. Not in December. Venus is aimed to open our minds and won’t necessary incite an urge to take refuge in creature comforts. Love will still be in the air, although, in general, the fog of romance won’t block a view of the sky.

A collective push can be initiated – personal agendas placed to the side easily so as to keep the peace. Everyone will have great ideas, different versions of peace and love –wishing on a different star so to speak. On an individual level a desire to display our unique qualities will be evident. Let’s hope this show not only leans on positive motives but uses Mercury’s influence in Capricorn to remain realistic of what can and cannot be done. In fact, Saturn’s position in Sagittarius, although frustrating, insists that time be taken seriously. If what we propose takes too much time those first steps may not be taken at all. Thus, encouraging a situation where we find that there is too little time left by the time we get to ‘it’.

Half way through the month and well into the holiday season (for many) it can get a tad strange again. Similar to the wacky ups and downs that made November the trip it was Mars dives into Pisces (Neptune’s abode). While this can derail our drive to do anything it can also be a highly creative and spiritual period. As folks who identify as being spiritual and artistic can tell you it is not always about colour and awe. Struggle, sacrifice, emotional whirlwinds can lift us high and the next moment drop us like bowling ball. Rewards are hard won and worth the battle.

Over Christmas and into the New Year the cosmic currents require double duty if we want to continuing moving along with those ‘bright ideas’. Staying in tune with both our inner world and taking responsibility for how it manifests externally is the first step. It is a learning process that takes time, a certain finesse to gain balance and undying resolve to get it right. That New Moon in Capricorn on the 29th presents a heck of a kick off point set somewhere between inspirational and alarming.

“The gift of willingness is the only thing that stands between the quiet desperation of a disingenuous life and the actualization of unexpressed potential.”

James Patrick McDonald

“I often find that people confuse inner peace with some sense of insensibility whenever something goes wrong. In such cases inner peace is a permit for destruction: The unyielding optimist will pretend that the forest is not burning either because he is too lazy or too afraid to go and put the fire out.”

Criss Jami, Killosophy

“Plough your fields, cast your seeds, the rains will come when they please.”

Radhe Maa

“We spend so much of our time lost in thought, trying to label everything as isolated objects and events. Though we fail to realize that our thoughts are incapable of defining anything in its totality. We can think about a situation for as long as we want to, but our thoughts will never know the situation exactly as it exists.”

Joseph P. Kauffman