PISCES January Horoscopes 2012


You are ready to step out of the mould concerning your long term and current career goals.  Any issues you had during December can now be set aside as you execute your new mode of attack.  There is a positive upswing with coworkers, friends and business partners and all because you have chosen to  be part of the team and work with others towards a common goal creating harmony instead of conflict. This will give you much to think about during the month where you will suss out what it takes to be the kind of person you want to be and the kind of person you want to work with. 

Relationships with significant others may take a back seat to work related issues this month and could cause some tension at the beginning and end of the month.  Here too there will be much to contemplate.  Balancing work and love are not always easy and may at times hold us back, especially during times of inner change.  Your outward demeanour as of late, is reflecting signs of the psychological changes you have been going through and may leave your mate at a loss when it comes to understanding you.  Pisces is ruled by the water element making for a deeply emotional and imaginative soul.  It is not always easy to know what you are thinking but it is very easy to know how you are feeling.  Your loving side needs expression this month. Perhaps setting aside work for a moment to muster up a loving gesture or two to those who rely on and are affected by your presence can smooth over any relationship issues.


AQUARIUS January Horoscope 2012


You begin the month questioning who you are within your chosen community of friends and co workers.  Undoubtedly you are influenced by the group of people you interact with everyday.  Even an Aquarius who prides themselves on their individuality and non-conformist ways is bound to be affected, even if only slightly, by others thoughts and actions.  Your inquisitiveness about you yourself and social sphere catapults you into a period of deep thinking and contemplation. You may be surprised to uncover a set a values that contradicts where you have placed yourself and who you are surrounded by.  It is as if you are compelled to make it known how you feel and what you believe in in a way that challenges others to rethink their current perspectives.  On the 19th when the sun squares Saturn you may be faced with a situation that tests your resolve.  In an effort to avoid coming off as hypocritical make sure that you leave no stone unturned in the corners of your mind to test these new found insights. 

On January 21st you will be praised for your originality, making it clear to you that the internal changes you will have made during the beginning of the month are in line with this newly unveiled part of yourself.  Toward the end of the month you may butt heads with someone who doesn’t quite see things the way you do which, instead of having you up in arms propels you into deeper philosophical investigation.  In fact, right through to the 27th you may find that the difference in values between you and another is something you never thought existed before and consider it an enchanting puzzle to solve.  You may wonder how what seems so plain and simple to you is completely lost on someone else.  This is a classic Aquarian situation where your mind has the capability of leaping forward to a conclusion without following the normal step by step process that others trip over.