CAPRICORN Free Weekly Horoscope Mar.20th-27th

Capricorn Mar.20th-27th

 The Sun moves into
Aries in your fourth house on the 20th.  The spring equinox has finally arrived
lifting your spirits.  This is a good
time to put your house in order.  You
will want to clean out any traces of winter to welcome in the new season.  If you have been considering a move now would
also be a good time to organize your belongings so you are ready to make the
transition with ease.  If, however, a
major move is not on your mind you may want to consider freshening up the decor
in your home.  The New Moon in Aries on
the 22nd will make sure that any plans you put in to play will
succeed with flying colours.  Later on in
the week with the Sun conjunct Uranus you could be in for surprising news
regarding your home. If you have been looking for a buyer or are buying a new
home the stars are will be on your side.

SAGITTARIUS Free Weekly Horoscope Mar.20th-27th

Sagittarius Mar.20th-27th

Finally, a break from work is likely now.  Your fifth house of love, creativity and
children will sparkle.  Spending time
with those you love and finding creative ways to use your time together is
favoured.  It will renew your spirit and
provide a much needed release from your daily routine.  Phew! 
You have been working so hard that allowing your creative energy to flow
in areas that make you feel good (at anything other than an obligation or
responsibility) will have you walking on air. 
You may not have seen this side of you in a long time and probably forgot
how fun you can be.  The sun will be in
Aries heralding in the spring equinox. 
You will be in a great mood as you welcome in the spring season.