VIRGO Free Weekly Horoscope Apr.3rd-10th

Virgo Apr.3rd

Your ruling
planet of communication, Mercury, will be direct on April 4th!  and not a moment too soon.  There is likley to be a lot of activity
concerning career this week and next. 
Most Virgos are fabulous communicators and usually do work associated
with service and communciation.  Now that
Mercury is again working with you and not against you it should be smooth
sailing this month. The full moon in Libra on the 6th will affect your earned
income sector especially in regards to a loved one.  There could be a serious discussion on where
to allocate funds and/or you may happen upon a clever way to earn a little
extra if you work together as a team.

LEO Free Weekly Horoscope Apr.3rd-10th

Leo Apr.3rd

Your social
life will get a kick start this week.  It
is time to catch up with friends or there may be reason to build a new social
network.  You have been putting in so
much time at work that letting others know you still care will be important to
you now.  You may already know that later
on this month duty will call again and you may not have the chance to
communicate with others as much as you would like.  Also, there could be some unsettling news
from a friend or coworker.  They
appreciate your brand of advice and will want to your input on the situation.  You are bound to see some obvious flaws in
there perspective but you will also see what is working.  Try to focus on the positive and be
constructive about what they, perhaps, could do better.