SCORPIO Free Weekly Horoscope Feb.1-7, 2012

Scorpio February 1st -7th 2012

Creativity will be at a high this week.  In particular, applying your problem solving skills against issues concerning your home and finances will be yield good results. Communication will be excellent on the 3rd creating a positive atmosphere on the home front. Although great ideas are brewing be careful that you maintain your objectivity.  Yes, you can build the life you want but it will take more mental work and discipline than you think.  The full moon in Leo on the 7th creates a pleasant albeit emotional atmosphere at work. Again, the key here is to remain objective.

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LIBRA Free Weekly Horoscope Feb.1-7,2012

Libra February 1st – 7th 2012

This week you will be interested in gathering information which revolves around recreational activities.  What you learn can not only change your daily routine but also may have an impact on your health.  It may become clear to you how necessary it is to add a little fun to your life and shake up your routine a little bit. Loosening up can, in turn, spark creative initiatives.  The full moon in Leo on the 7th would be a great day for getting together with friends.  You may find it easier than usual to express yourself.  It is likely that the conversations you have now will have an almost healing effect.

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