TAURUS January Horoscope 2012


It will be an active month for you Taurus.  During the first week of January it looks like you will have no problem saying exactly how you feel.  It may ruffle a few feathers.  No matter, it was bound to happen.  Of course if you hadn’t held it in so long there would be a better chance of it coming out a little sweeter and …well tactful is the word I am looking for.  Don’t get me wrong you have every right to express how you feel but it is the way you say it that can affect the reaction from others.  There is still much potential to learn and grow from the experience whether or not the end result turns out how you had hoped. 

There are some great influences during the second week of January that propel you toward organizing and beautifying yourself and your environment.  A fresh change to your appearance and living space could brighten your mood. 

By mid month you will be glad that you got those things off your chest during the first week of 2012.  Expressing your thoughts has made you feel lighter and less burdened.  Although your mind may race on the 22nd leading you down an impractical train of thought and what you choose to share with others may not be taken as objectively valid. Energies will wane from there until the end of the month after mars goes retrograde in your fifth house on the 23rd.  As good as it feels to get things out in the open some things really are best left unsaid, at least for a while.  I am sure you caught that contradiction.  What I mean to say is that there is a time and a place to say what you need to say – if you hold it in too long it isn’t good and if you blurt it out impulsively …well, it’s about balance.  With all the eleventh house activity mid month perhaps there are lessons to be learned about friendships.  You can strengthen them through tough times or snap them in two if you let the pressure build.  Keep cool Taurus.

ARIES January Horoscope 2012


The first few weeks of 2012 have you feeling a tad ansty.  A yearning to experience new people, places and things begins to dominate your thoughts.  Somehow this year seems more important than any other as far as mapping out the blue prints of your future.  You will have a keen eye for details and organization this month to get you moving forward towards long held dreams.  Perhaps where you see yourself in the future comes to you in a flash of insight. You may assume that these ‘new’ plans or desires are emerging out of the blue.  If you look back on your life it will become clear that they  have been with you a long time and it was only a matter of acceptance to see them surface in your conscious mind. 

The second half of the month will focus on issues related to your eleventh house which governs friends, networking, shared ideas and goals.  It is likely that you will gain support and good advice for any ideas that you would like to carry forward this month.  Your spirits will be high mid month and you will feel as if the universe is giving you the green light to move forward strong and fast especially on the 13th with Venus conjunct  Neptune.  However, it is advisable to maintain a level head.  There are many transits this month which give you the gift of thoughtfulness and thoroughness.Throwing these influences to the wayside with an impulsive attitude will not be to your advantage.  Toward the end of the month Mars, your ruling planet, will be in retrograde which may dampen your spirits.  However, you can do much to avoid excessive worry or fear of change if you remain sure and steady throughout the month.  On the 27thmercury will square Saturn which could also be a possible date of concern.  On this day your tenth house of long term goals and seventh house of partnerships will be affected –possibly causing tension in your relationships.  Once again, it is keeping a level head and not going to excess in thought or action that will help this influence pass with ease.