AQUARIUS Free Weekly Horoscope Jan.17-24, 2012

Aquarius Jan.17-24, 2012

You may be confronted by a situation on the 19th that makes you feel like you are being tested.  Your values are being challenged in a way that you will know if you are able to back up your actions with sound judgement. The current influences suggest you are right on target. On the 21st you will be praised for your leadership abilities either at work or in the social sphere.  Try to remain at least a little humble.  It won’t be taken lightly if you carry a dictatorial attitude home with you.  Stepping in to take control in a workplace environment is much different than taking charge at home.  Think before you speak on the 24th when Venus squares the north node.  What may be appropriate talk with friends may not be so well suited to the public.

CAPRICORN Free Weekly Horoscope Jan.17-24, 2012

Capricorn Jan.17-24, 2012

Your work life may seem to be a little lacklustre on the 19th.  You know there is more to you and would love the opportunity to show it.  However, our position at work very rarely allows the freedom to express our greatest potentials.  You are great at what you do but another side of you is crying out for expression.  Compare who you are and what you do on the domestic front with yourself at work.  How different are the two?  You may be inspired to expand your horizons at the end of the week through travel or education.