Horoscopes for the week of November 21st, 2017


In step with last week’s New Moon we’ll slowly start unfastening the ties that kept us in an introspective hold. While still in throes of a private underworld  we’re high-minded now you see. I ‘get it’ beams the Sun in Sagittarius. I see now and will lay down my own law- define the parameters of engagement. Just be sure to get every itty bit of crumb off your shoulder. It can be easy to miss in this lighting. 







PISCES Nov.21st, 2017

A mighty fine air surrounds you under the newly sprung Sun in Sagittarius this week Pisces. This period of exploration has lifted your heart, reawakened you to slew of experiences yet to had. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were confidently sporting a t-shirt with words Carpe Diem written in bold.  The energy you’re giving off can bring old friends out of the woodwork, invitations and even a job opportunity out of nowhere.  It’s all very exciting – and on the 25th quite unexpected.