Saturn in Capricorn Dec.20th, 2017


December 20th, 2017 to March 21st, 2020

Weekly Horoscope for the week of December 19th, 2017

The current skies emphasize last week’s forecast – this is not a race. We are looking at quality over quantity now and considering the value of our time.

This week opens with the New Moon, on the 18th. It has brought a tinge of restlessness driven by an emotional Mars. It may have felt like a subterranean jolt; A hiccup that couldn’t find its way up and out; a brief flip back of the head accompanied with an oh, uuuuh-huh – maybe a flat ah hah! That kind of energy remains as Saturn’s placement next to the New Moon and its imminent arrival in Capricorn (where it will remain until 2020) expresses itself in slow-motion. It’s not exactly orgasmic. Then again, if you’re really lucky maybe you’ll sense an underlying tantric vibe. In any case, last week we could have sworn something was coming…but no, not really- at least not in a manner that was expected.

It will be clear that relief is to be found in practical ways – a how to inner dialogue that revolves around what is best for our selves personally, in relation to the whole and for the long term. What’s involved will take work, preparation, focus, discipline – all characteristics of Capricorn and its ruling planet Saturn. Additionally, the Sun and Venus will be meeting here and brushing up with Mr.Sober (Saturn) ensuring that the idea something is coming persists. Again, it’s not a bells and whistles kind of event. It’s the mountain goat at the foot of hill, starting its slow trek ahead.  There are rewards for the stout-hearted.

On a semi-brighter note Mercury stations direct on the 22nd. We’ll be free and clear of annoying bouts of miscommunication, digital dilemmas, transportation woes and trying trips down memory lane. Of course, Mercury retrogrades tend to cause disruptions at the beginning of the retrograde phase and near the end. In other words, we might have to deal with a few more irritating blips before the week is out.

This week’s Sun Sign Scopes are focused on Saturn’s tour through Capricorn from December 20th, 2017 through until 2020.


Since Autumn 2015: Learning through experiences that, at times, you probably weren’t happy about. Nonetheless, you’ve paid your dues and have a suitcase packed with useful tools.

Now until 2020: Those experiences ^ have paid off. You are about to take on a bigger role – and more responsibility. The focus is on achievement, status and well-earned respect. Forget the inner child, have a chat with that inner boss.


Since Autumn 2015: A long drawn out letting go – divorce, serious relationships, retirement, debt management.

Now until 2020: Life philosophy, perceptual shifts move you into a distinctly different phase in life. Formal education might be in the mix but you’ll learn more through experiencing, living life, from a different angle.


Since Autumn 2015: Hard lessons around commitment. Tempering haywire defense mechanisms. If you are married you are either in this for the long term or will make the break, divide the goods etc. If you are single, you’ve been married to something over the passed few years…

Now until 2020: What’s worth your money, your time? Material resources, especially debts, are dealt with under ‘new management’.


Since Autumn 2015: Re-arranging routine or need to stick to a job for practical reasons rather than for the love of it, combating bouts of boredom and taking a serious stand on the state of your health.

Now until 2020: Serious focus on how you spend your time. If you’re not wholeheartedly committed it’s time to drop the excuses and commit yourself elsewhere. The meaning of marriage (whether your single or attached). Discovering defense mechanisms that have helped and/or hindered your progress.


Since Autumn 2015: A learning period of how to conquer stifled expression. Creating a structure, arranging life in a manner that offered freedom and space to hold your ideas.  Thoughts about children, age – growing older and the value of spending time doing what you love.

Now until 2020: Improving that structure ^ ..making it work for you in practical ways.  Focus on health, longevity, being of service to others that adds up to ‘time well spent’.

Since Autumn 2015: Home, family, parents – a general resettling that took effort to stabilize. If you’ve been living under someone else’s rule, felt boxed in by commitments, responsibilities that you’ve long lost a heart for ..

Now until 2020: …you’ll be moving into a creative period – building a life that can house the best of what you want to express. Learning how to make practical use of your talents – working with the best of you for the betterment of you.

Since Autumn 2015: Learning to communicate – get to the short and sweet of it effectively. Mending or handling relationships with siblings differently.  Learning the difference between what is and what should be and how that has shaped all of your relationships and even regular ins and outs of day-to-day living.

Now until 2020:What’s the best you could hope for? Where do you want to go from here? It’s a long road that starts here and begins with domestic matters that need tending.


Since Autumn 2015: Building a solid sense of self independent of social status, financial situation. The more work you put into yourself, spent time on what has mattered to you the more likely life has come in to support you with an added boost. 
Now until 2020: Learning to communicate effectively, more conscious of how your daily interactions with anyone and anything are capable of adding stress or diminishing it. Understanding the difference between what is and what should be then using that to your advantage. 


Since Autumn 2015: Rebuilding identity – getting yourself back together and working on the new and improved version.

Now until 2020: Step two of the rebuild – main focus: finances and building up a strong healthy self esteem. In a way, earning back respect for yourself that seems to have been lost years ago.


Since Autumn 2015: It may have seemed impossible to get organized. The purpose? Letting go of everything that wasn’t working – people, places, things, jobs, the redundant blah, blah, blah. Using what you have to get into life without stressing about achievement, status etc. Funny thing, it set you on a course where achievements will eventually have more meaning than would have been possible if you just followed the same old tried and true drill.

Now until 2020: The beginning. It’s a slow ride but you are up for that. It’ll take time, but you’ll be up for that. Over the next two years you’ll continue the identity rebuild that Pluto crushed, at times. You’re working towards earning another level of respect Capricorn. It might indeed feel like working from the bottom up.


Since Autumn 2015: You reached a high point about 5 or 6 years back – in control, at the top of your game.  At very least, it made sense to be where you were.  Over the last few you’ve probably had to cut ties with people and places that didn’t jive with the mode you were in…

…Now until 2020 you’ll want to take it easy Aquarius. Pushing too hard to revive the old days or to manifest your spot on some other mountain can be draining . You’ll gain more from letting yourself unwind, decompress and let time wear off the weight before you consider trekking elsewhere. 


Since Autumn 2015: You’ve  come a long way Pisces.  No doubt over these passed few years you’ve gained real world experiences that, while challenging, contributed to a definite rise in your confidence out there in the big bad world.

Now until 2020: You’ll be picky about who you decide is a friend, valued co-worker and are apt to network, join groups and mingle with those who you genuinely respect and who respect you.