SAGITTARIUS July 1st-July 7th, 2014

sun oppose pluto

ALL SIGNS: The first half of 2014 is officially over.  The second half won’t be nearly as difficult.  Rather the opportunity to apply what you have learned through your experiences will present themselves as Jupiter changes signs this month.  Keep an open heart and mind lest they pass you by unnoticed.


 Close relationships (intimate or otherwise) have been on your mind for quite a while as Mercury has spent longer than usual in your partnership zone due to its retrograde.  Mercury is cruising forward but it will remain in this area of your chart until the 13th suggesting you will still be going over old ground.  The good news is there will be at least some hint that progress is being made. If there is any day that will show you where a sore spot still exists it will be on July 4th as the Sun stands in opposition to Pluto.   Money management both in terms of how it is made and allocated will likely be at the heart of any heated conversations.  Take some time out to figure out exactly what changes you think are necessary in order to see things run more smoothly.

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Major changes involving your intimate relationships and finance are likely to be initiated and acted upon in July.  Perhaps you are interested in doing more traveling or would like to go back to school.  In either case the decisions you make will have an affect on the life of a close other.  If you feel that you are supporting someone else financially or due to illness the situation there will be a shift that requires you to make additional changes. 

The big news this month is Jupiter’s entry into Leo.  This giant planet has cast its beneficial rays in your love, intimacy and financial sector for a full year now suggesting that you have gained valuable lessons about joining forces with another.  Take a moment to consider just how much as changed since last summer and you will no doubt discover that your life is looking very different.  As Jupiter tours Leo from now until the summer of 2015 prepare your self for a whole new set of experiences cosmically designed to expand the boundaries of your existence. Anything is possible. 


Sorry for the delay!  I am having trouble with my internet connection and since it is a National Canadian Holiday it has been difficult to resolve the problem.  Your forecasts will be posted as soon as possible.  Thanks for your patience.