SCORPIO Feb.9th-Feb.15th, 2016


Weekly Forecast

February 9th-15th, 2016

Even a well-developed, evolved Scorpio would agree that there is an inexplicable vibrancy about youth that is worthy of understanding – at least to some degree. Whether it is part of who you used to be or something you see in someone younger than you that inspires a rekindling of what has been dormant for so long, the end note is a revival of some sort.  

Old friends and connections are likely to come out of the woodwork and the desire to join the crowd is heightened – albeit the tendency to maintain (rather insist actually) that yours is the strongest most influential voice heard among them will also be present. This insistence follows a similar pattern of reclaiming a more buoyant part of yourself by pushing passed any boundaries presented that don’t suit your fancy. The trouble is deciphering whether or not they actually suit your style is difficult if your only aim is to project your superior differences in effort to illustrate the strength of your unique presence. Easy on the rough and tough and know when it benefits you more to play nice Scorpio.

“ Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” —George Orwell

SCORPIO Feb.1st-8th, 2016


Weekly Forecast

February 1st-8th, 2016

You’ll be a busy bee over the next few weeks Scorpio. It is likely you felt all of this should have gotten underway during January but somehow felt more like you were being pulled in too many directions, suffered delays or simply could not focus altogether forward. The fog is certainly lifting now and shedding light on all that needs to be done to clear your path ahead and gather the tools (information) you need to actually take the steps, you have so much wanted to take.

As the planets begin to congregate in Aquarius topped off with a favorable New Moon you can bet that a significant corner stone of your life (be it home or career) is now well on the way to stabilizing. Needless to say this makes all the difference in not only bolstering your sense of security but sets you up in a way that you can more aptly use your innate strength of determination to truly make strides in any area of your life. Shake those January days off and greet February with a warm hello.

NEW MOON in AQUARIUS February 8th, 2016

This New Moon will support any efforts you put forth to wipe the slate clean and start anew on a brand new long-term goal. As mentioned, both your home and career are highlighted – an area that may have previously been a sore spot that you have been itching to fix in some way. Well –your inner Mr. or Mrs. ‘fix it’ is now being called onto the stage.

“Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.”

Albert Camus, Notebooks 1935-1942