TAURUS July 1st-July 7th, 2014

sun oppose plutoALL SIGNS: The first half of 2014 is officially over.  The second half won’t be nearly as difficult.  Rather the opportunity to apply what you have learned through your experiences will present themselves as Jupiter changes signs this month.  Keep an open heart and mind lest they pass you by unnoticed.


 There are more important things in life than money Taurus.  Normally that sentiment would be a hard sell but over this past while you are likely more interested in nurturing the simple things that make you happy and not investing as much mental real estate in material wants and needs. Thus, an easy going ‘one thing at a time’ attitude will prevail.  Part of the reason behind this is Pluto’s presence in your ninth house of higher learning and cosmic law. It is time to adopt a philosophy which encompasses more of the cold hard truths in life therefore letting the small stuff fall to the wayside. You have got soul power this week Taurus — use it wisely.

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You will be more involved with home and family than normal in July.  Whether taking more time to listen and/or lend a helping hand there is part of you that needs to feel more connected.  You could be dealing with the details of more than one situation and find yourself playing the mediator more often than not.  This is especially true if you have been feeling as though you have taken certain folks for granted.  There is a distinct sense that it is your duty to bring it together for the betterment of all involved. That is not to say that you are driven by guilt – rather an internal shift has you more focused on what it means to be human and are more interested in the meaning of life to a greater degree.

Jupiter’s move to Leo suggests that between mid-July and next summer you will be building a new foundation for yourself.  Either you are physically moving home or uprooting yourself to allow for more free flowing energy in your life –allowing for more varied experiences and aiding in the formulation  of a new plan for the far off future.  In any case for the next year you will be working on understanding what exactly it is in your life that keeps you feeling grounded and secure (likely aside from strictly thinking about material concerns). At the end of the month a New Moon in Leo could easily present an opportunity, or at least some wiggle room to adjust where and/or how you live that is more conducive to what your soul has been asking for.

Lastly, action planet Mars enters Scorpio after an extended stay in Libra during the last week of July.  If you have been hesitant to take action and were not entirely confident about what direction you have been wanting to go in that feeling will lift.  Determination, drive and purpose will help you burn through the muck with greater ease.  If enough is enough already you will have just the opportunity to say so AND do something about it. Keep your wits about you and be prepared to make the necessary sacrifices if only if to make more room to let the good stuff grow.


Sorry for the delay!  I am having trouble with my internet connection and since it is a National Canadian Holiday it has been difficult to resolve the problem.  Your forecasts will be posted as soon as possible.  Thanks for your patience.