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VIRGO June 24th -July 1st, 2014

Mars Uranus

The most volatile of the planets, Mars and Uranus, engage in a sparky tug of war on the 25th.  This planetary combination produces a strong emotional current and with it an impulsive need to rebel against any kind of restrictions. However, surprisingly passionate responses could also lead to something magical.  No doubt the thrill of taking a risk can be exciting and exhilarating in the moment. How much of a risk are you willing to take?


 It is no secret that your finances have been up and down for quite a while now.  Mars has been in your earned income sector for almost seven months creating scenarios that require you to dole out the dough more often than is usual.  In some cases, you could say that it takes money to make money and have benefited from following that sentiment.  However, Uranus’ presence in your eighth house has more often than not resulted in surprising outcomes;  thus, sparking the kind of changes both in finance and personal matters that comes in like a bolt of lightening. As Mars and Uranus battle it out on the 25th do be prepared for surprising swings of fate concerning your finances.  It could be a good thing or a bad thing – you never know with the erratic vibes of Uranus.  One thing is for sure though – some kind of out-of-the-blue experience is in store.    It does bode well to have Venus in your rewards and recognition sector and no doubt you are in the spotlight on the career front – so crossing fingers for you Virgo!  

On July 1st Mercury will finally station and prepare to move forward.  If you have suffered delays, set-backs or any frustrations regarding your career rest assured that you will feel like you are making ground.  Phew! It is always a great relief to both Virgo’s and Gemini’s when Mercury is working at its best.   

Lastly the weekend looks set to be filled with positive and inspiring vibrations. If you can get together with friends you will find there is a magical quality in the air that just makes you feel good to be alive.  Breathe in the warm summer air and position your face to the Sun (if you are in the Southern hemisphere you may have to think of this as more of a metaphor ;).  The point is you will be smiling this weekend Virgo.  

NEW MOON in CANCER June 27th:  This New Moon augurs well for your social life.  Jupiter has been working hard for you all year to expand your social network and encourage you reach out to others by being participating in something bigger.  Over the next few weeks the more attention you pay to your social group or coworkers all the better.  Your career also has much to benefit from your ability to work as a team player — funny enough you end up standing out from the crowd in good way as a result.  

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 July’s Monthly Forecast will be posted in a few days…


It is that time of year again.  Mercury begins retrograding on June 7th retracing its steps into fellow Mercury ruled Gemini.  June is a great month to slow down and focus on details regarding your career and long term goals.  If you felt like you didn’t really have it all together the way you would have liked in May now is your chance to focus more intently on projects and endeavors that have already been started and re-do, re-vise and refine.  You are a perfectionist at heart and so chances are you will have no trouble knowing just where you need to place your attention. Of course, delays, miscommunications and frustrating set-backs come hand in hand with Mercury retrogrades.  However, it is much less likely if you use this time to methodically and slowly work through things with ‘prevention’ in mind.  I do believe the old saying ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ was coined by a Virgo.  It makes sense to say that educating your self will be part and parcel of the dealing with the tasks at hand – formally or informally.  July has plenty of positive vibes to bestow on your career and social sector so prepare to show your version of quality – it is of the highest sort.