Weekly Forecast for ALL SIGNS

March 21st, 2017

The Sun shines in Aries – a time of year where we are compelled to pick our pants and start fresh. No doubt the drive to get going is there but the exuberance of Aries tends to fizzle on follow through – maybe all that energy is used up on the excitement of what could be? Luckily Mars in Taurus helps us stick to it – although digging those heels in too deep can restrict what feels like a robust rush of blood to the head.  For instance there can be a tendency to barrel forward even if red flags keep popping up or gut feelings nag to the point of physical discomfort.  In any case the fire has been lit – the urge to do coupled with the will to hang in there despite the fear of change (common to fixed signs such as Taurus). You might say a cosmic hand is reaching down to pluck us out of a rut – ready or not.

The New Moon in Aries on the 27th adds to the sense that we are indeed moving into new territory – our first lively pounce into 2017. As loving Venus alongside the New Moon works to help us maintain some kind of inner calm while we press forward it’s a great time to plant seeds of intention. And it is always best to summon high spirits when doing so.  However, should  intuitions, leaning on the positive side be drowned out by unfounded fears (anxiety about what hasn’t even happened yet) the Mercury retrograde phase during the second week of April will be a blessing. It will slow things down enough so we can focus on refining, refiguring and managing the actual consequences of jumping in headlong during these last weeks of March. 

Weekly Forecast..

Wednesday, March 15th, 2017





If you find yourself skipping down memory lane it can have a profound grounding effect. Perhaps you find a strong common theme in your life making you accepting of who you are now – bells and whistles version aside. Simply put, a key to lessening any self-imposed burdens would be to acknowledge that much of what has defined in the eyes of others is in fact malleable and can always be refined. The tough part is often tuning in and strengthening that part of you that never changes – your essence. If nothing less this week you will be better able to carry on quite nicely with a live and let live attitude.

Over the next few weeks keep in mind that once Venus crosses back into Pisces it won’t necessarily be a change of heart that guides your direction but rather a change up of bells and whistles that you’ll be arranging to more closely sing in tune with your being.

As a side note – The compulsion to get too far ahead of yourself may end up throwing you off balance. While a wonky equilibrium makes you feel giddy it’ll distract you from the real deal.



You know what you want – in detail. Now, if everyone would just follow suit and make it easy for you. Not to rain on your parade Taurus but it is unlikely folks (key players who are in the position to support your needs, dreams, wishes) will be obedient and play in tune. You’ll have to be more than set to take charge of your actions and reactions – in effect strategically working with external forces (others actions and reactions) whether you like it or not. Nearer the end of the month you’ll not only gain their respect from not fervently insisting on your way but can actually win some over in support of your cause. In short, a certain amount of finesse is necessary to work through these interpersonal dilemmas – a finesse that leans on using truths wisely. Deceptive moves or attempts at manipulating the situation in your favor, however justified, will only lessen the chance of harmonious relations later on– arguably when you’ll be in greater need of support.



Last week’s Full Moon likely brought a clearer understanding of how well you manage the work life balance. Specifically, a question of values between close personal relationships and external validations sought through exercising a your social/public persona. If you are feeling down, noticing too large a gap between who you are and what you do or ‘represent’ open up the topic with a tried and true friend or intimate partner as they can offer unique insight. The truth is that no matter what you do for a living it is possible to exercise and recognize your true self in it. A small dip in spirits may indeed be felt after the Full Moon last week and Saturn’s flattening tone may make you feel you have to work a little harder to find the bright side – but it’s there Gemini.



Dream-world spin offs of what-ifs branch out into your everyday reality. Maybe you’ll meet someone new, find yourself looking at someone with a new set of eyes or are enchanted by the dynamic that exists with a group of people you’ve already known for ages. If it is the latter you’ll likely be privy to information that makes you think differently about a future endeavor. Any or all of these dreamy situations have a fair chance to make it to the reality stage although it would be far too easy to skip over and/or fail to flesh out the parts where extra doses of discipline and the making sacrifices involved in those commitments will be required. The trick this week will be keeping your feet on the ground firmly enough so you aren’t swept away by bright ideas that you’d love to do right this very minute before letting those ‘second thoughts’ roll in and be processed thoroughly.



Processing a new set of possibilities Leo?. Indeed, the Full Moon last week likely brought on a new awareness and perhaps sparked a stronger sense of resolve within – an I can do whatever I want attitude. This, in turn creates somewhat of a stable point where it feel safer to examine what else might be out there. Under this kind of enchantment also exists a considerable urge to jump ahead — and just when you thought you found your footing. In another way it is as if you ready to move but quickly realize that you would be sacrificing your position (a spot where your feet feel pretty comfortable at the moment). Spring is around the corner Leo- a season noted for inspirational surges that awaken desire for more freedom. Staying on the spot or even repeating the same old while fooling yourself you are in entirely new territory might very well be a way to dress up what is safe and familiar but at the core is just a reenactment of the same pattern. A touch of bravery will likely be required in the next few weeks. If you find yourself repeating the question “what do I want’ – it may not be until mid-April when you find an answer that resonates deeply enough to justify making a move – despite the lingering desire to just decide already. You’ve got time.



The Full Moon a few days ago seems to have cleared the way for you, so to speak, Virgo. It’s important for you to maintain somewhat a steady vision especially with such a strong Piscean influence still lingering in the air. It is normal for you at this time of year to be a bit foggy headed. Of course, all that is beginning to give way, slowly, but surely. Keep in mind that as you begin to formulate what changes need to be made it would be wise to remain patient and avoid knee jerk reactions. Venus is still backtracking suggesting that you may change your mind or happen upon other ideas/strategies opportunities worth pursuing over the next few weeks. It would be a shame to go full throttle on one thing only to find it prevents you from moving forward down another avenue that appears to laden with more lucrative promises.



Health (as in stress), money (as in shared, borrowed or has strings attached) and security (as in your relationship with another intimate or otherwise) are at the center of your chart this week Libra. While Mars’s placement suggests you are apt to put a lot of time and energy into managing your finances it seems it won’t be as easy as you thought. Either a disagreement with a partner (or boss) prevents taking action or you simply cannot manage to have a productive conversation in the first place. The trouble is an emotional vibe clouds the air and with the Sun still in Pisces (plus your ruling planet Venus in retrograde) it puts you in a tough spot. How can you be all business with so much personal stuff stuck and stagnant between you? If you are dealing with a situation in a more formal atmosphere perhaps this personal stuff isn’t necessarily stuck between you but rests heavily on the back of one or both of you thus creating a not so welcome vibe. The New Moon at the end of the month will offer an opportunity to clear things up, but until then you’ll have to do your best to be patient.



It seems your tied to someone or something and don’t really have a choice at the moment Scorpio. That may not be such a bad thing. As Mars highlights your partnership/commitment sector and Pisces enlivens your freedom/children and creativity zone you probably are in a good position to count your wealth of blessings. Wealth, cold hard money we are talking now, is another story. The Sun’s square to Saturn on Friday isn’t likely to be a comfortable influence where your finances are concerned. Add to that Venus’ current backtracking and chances are you’ll be rethinking what you value and how you’ve balanced your life in a way that reflects that. The good news is once you’ve set your priorities straight it’ll be much easier to find both a clear way forward and add to drive and enthusiasm in getting there.



A wonky vibes still permeates your home and family sector. While odd, strange surreal maybe even irrational are words that could equally describe the atmosphere that doesn’t mean its all bad. However, you are apt to be somewhat annoyed or bothered by the weekend simply from the lack of clarity. If you really want to find that steady spot so you can get on with other things the solution to quell whatever’s got your goat isn’t as far as you would think. Life is what you make it Sagittarius and so focusing on stuff that is less than happy making for you in turn adds to wonkiness in the air. Simple moves such as rearranging the furniture, taking more time to do the things you love (without feeling guilty) can help you swiftly swim through this swirly current.



You could use a break Capricorn. This might not be the right time to take it – although, you’ll likely be more productive if you do. The Sun remains in Pisces, an area of your chart that governs communication suggesting that it can be difficult to muster up the disciple or even find the words to manage practical tasks. This cosmic influence is, however, great for engaging in creative endeavors and other musings. If you are a writer or an artist time spent daydreaming can indeed recharge those batteries. Once Spring arrives, early next week, you’ll pick up the pace again, so might as well enjoy these last few days of winter. I should mention that it is a bonus to have Mars touring through fellow earth sign Taurus at the moment as this suggests despite dips into the dream world you still manage to stay on track – at times yes, you might wonder if you’ve lost your way this week.



Both financial sectors of your chart are lit up this week Aquarius. And there seems to be an emotional home/family situation that heavily influences your reaction to news brought on by the Venus and Mercury conjunction on the 18th. Needless to say it may be hard to get a handle on how you feel about this. As the Sun moves into Aries announcing the return of spring perhaps your first instinct to jump ahead without looking all ways – if only to cut through a decision making process. It probably wouldn’t be wise – at least not yet. While things do look good there are a few cosmic happenings that suggest you’ll be happier with your decisions/ eventual take on the matter if you wait just a little bit longer – especially true if you are signing any papers.



Mars’ trine to the North Node at the beginning of the week suggests you know exactly where you heart is and are willing to commit to someone or something mainly because, well it just feels naturally right. You may, however, want to wait a little bit before making any kind of official announcement. Venus, the planet of love and money is bold in Aries yet is backtracking on its way back to your sign. In short, while you make truly feel like this is the right way to go it would behoove you too think things through and/or slow down a touch. A lot can happen between now and mid-April that may make you feel differently. In short, whatever your intuitive senses are relaying at the moment are probably spot on this moment in time yet, you’ll have to remain open enough/ present to receive the many more moments in store. Of course, if you linger a solitary moment too long you’ll miss the next and the next where new information can make all the difference.