Weekly Forecast November 22nd, 2016

The know-it-alls are out to play.

The I-know-betters will be tested.

It will be the “I just don’t know anymore” folks that offer the sanest advice and are able to engage in productive exchanges necessary to make real strides. Unfortunately it isn’t likely they’ll be keen on managing haphazard rhetoric that only serves inflamed egos. 

The strong and silent types have the edge this week.

ARIES: Your unique views and independent nature will be all the more effective and respected as you aim to make friends with ‘the team’. Blazing a trail on your own on the other hand will either result in lack of purposeful direction or find your mojo has run away half way to that dreamy end point.

TAURUS: If you can maintain optimism in the face of the darkest and dreariest of truths you’ll have wider range of influence. It isn’t about being right. It is more about being real and making adjustments accordingly.

GEMINI:  There’s a heck of a lot to consider and re-consider this week Gemini. If you can reach the core of that unquestionable, unconditional thing we call love and use it as a grounding tool … well that’s the only steady base you’ll need in the midst of the storm.

CANCER: Time and effort loaned out to anything and everything that touches the happy cord in you is time and effort well spent. A deeper optimism expanding from your core is exactly what can pull you through to the other side – free from struggling with intensities that only have the intention to burn.

LEO: Talking more won’t guarantee that you’ll be heard. Doing more might not earn you the desired amount of recognition. Creative solutions followed by bold actions (that have been well thought out) in a short ‘n sweet matter of fact way will be all the more welcome.          

VIRGO: Gut feelings, deeper truths can be handled easily with your fair-minded practical hands. That is, if you dive into those wordless caverns you’ll find all the resources needed to bring order to your chaos.

LIBRA: You are poised to learn a heck of a lot more about yourself than you’d ever expect this week Libra. It probably won’t come through deep inner contemplation. Rather, a tendency to put your foot in your mouth creates reactionary responses that shake up the notion of who you think you are. Thus, reminding you just how far from ‘home’ you’ve strayed.

SCORPIO: Judgments solely based on what you see and hear won’t be half as solid as what you know in your gut of guts. That is, should you not include your gut feelings along with the ‘facts’ even if they don’t seem to currently make sense to anyone else, it may dull your naturally sharp edge.

SAGITTARIUS: On one hand you’re likely to feel a lot better this week. The sunny side of you is up. However, a compulsion to hang onto a lingering dark spot might prevent you from bouncing off the breakfast stool and bounding into the dawn.

CAPRICORN: Similar to last week choosing your words wisely – thinking before you speak easily slides you into the drivers seat. From here all calm, cool and collected you’ll be able to go anywhere and face obstacles with ease.

AQUARIUS: You’ll have to be more than clear on what your agenda is Aquarius. While you’ll want to ‘join in’, speak, engage with others you’ll have to be in tune with the broader interests. In other words, if you are solely inspired to further a personal, subjective course it probably won’t attract the backing you’d expect.

PISCES: You could be struggling with too many decisions to be made on your lap. You know you could easily go further – do more, see more, accomplish more. However managing a ‘one thing at a time’ mindset will be quite the slippery fish.


Weekly Forecast – November 16th, 2016

All Signs – Weekly Forecast Nov.16th, 2016

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Eyes are set on the future, engaged in carving answers out from a wall of confusion. While Mars continues its tour of Aquarius, the sign of the humanitarian, where and with whom your beliefs align is likely to be the most pressing question. That is, next to “what do I believe?” It may seem as if this decision, stance isn’t one based on mere preference nor will it feel ‘safe’ even within the confines of your own mind. It will indeed echo, be magnified in the simplest of actions – similar to sitting at a poker table where everyone has a ‘tell’.   The hazy making vibes of Neptune add to the difficulties in effect this week in any attempt to separate fact from fiction. In fact, under these skies, it is as easy to delude yourself as to be disillusioned by folks around you – and in the public sphere. Maintaining a clear head will be hard enough never mind thinking you’ve got a grasp on what is going on in someone else’s psyche.

To be fair, Neptune’s influence does have its brighter points when used well. For instance, while it can amplify vulnerabilities, evoke a sense of desperation from the seeming lack of protection from the ‘world out there’ it can also serve to open us up, extend our understanding and ability to exercise compassion. However, it is a lot to handle even for the sanest among us. Succumbing to the most obvious temptation, to block it out, isn’t likely to be an easier a path to choose nor does it portend happier consequences. Here escapist tendencies can take over muddling hearts and minds further should we find ourselves bumping up against the world out there – as we do on a daily basis. Hence, the illusionary aspects of Neptune’s influence can send us sailing down the river of la la land – a place as unpredictable as the one we actually occupy. In another way, escaping into our own preconceived notions, fantasies (that span the realms of ultimate horror or ultimate bliss) not likely based in fact, in the here and now will inevitably be disrupted. At that point shock, a feeling of helplessness, lack of faith in our selves and our understandings will with a huff and puff blow our door down.  

In short no matter which way we look at it the desire to ‘make sense of our experience, our world may indeed be so strong that virtually anything that hints at ‘good sense’ becomes a concrete law. Unfortunately relying on concrete that hasn’t cured as a leaning post for hearts and minds threatens to trap us in stone. Needless to say doesn’t allow flexibility.

At end of the weekend, as the Sun bursts into Sagittarius, our egos, sense of identity will likely become bound by what is happening on a much larger scale around us – whether we are fully aware of it or not. It is challenging. Can we lift ourselves to the higher call? Can we move with this? Are we capable of adapting to the eloquent mindsets of A Martin Luther King, A Gandhi, A Nelson Mandela? These guys are at the top – the epitome of strength, the standard human representatives of peace, setting the bar for what a respectable human being look likes and how they behave in the face of unadorned realities.

“You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for War”. Albert Einstein

“The Superior art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting” Sun Tzu

“We can know only that we know nothing –And that is the highest degree of Wisdom. Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace.

“Some of the greatest battles will be fought within the silent chambers of your own soul.” – Ezra Taft Benson

“Those who are at war with others are not at peace with themselves.” – William Hazlitt

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” -JFK

ARIES: A desire to be in the mix, to dive into the crowd pontificating requires a larger than average arsenal of information to be considered a strong player. And it’s unlikely you’ll accept a status lower without considerable argument. The problem is info will flow in an out by the bucket-load demanding above par degree of flexibility. If you can hit this surf offering attention to these ebbs and flows it’ll be quite a ride. On the other hand, should you stop, insisting that the wave ahead of you change course, because you said so well you’re looking at a wipe out. Still, there is as much to gain from being successful as there is to failing. The latter, in fact may ultimately hold the key to tapping into your greatest strengths and potentials.

TAURUS: “I’m a lion hear me roar”? Actually yours is representative of the Bull. hard hitting and unstoppable if you’ve made up your mind. Trouble is your heart needs to weigh in on ‘this’ too and may stop you dead in your tracks. That might be a good thing at the moment. Formulate, pace if you must but gather that intel from all sides before choosing to dig in those heels. Keep in mind Neptune’s station this week suggests all really is not as it seems.

GEMINI: If you can keep your mental processes operating around an unshakeable notion of the higher good you can positively influence many a mind out there Gemini. On the other hand too proudly pumping out your opinion based on one angle alone probably won’t turn out so well for you. This, in fact, is the kind of cosmic weather that can expand your knowledge base and light a pretty stimulating fire from where your curiosities can be warmed and brightened.

CANCER: On a personal level it seems there are quite a few changes happening in your world that upend whatever future vision you had going. Attempts to ‘get it together’ organize your self or even stick to a basic routine right now may even a difficult task. Solution? – Roll with it Cancer. There is no use trying to pile up cards the cards when they haven’t even landed on the ground yet.

LEO: As warrior Mars stares down your first house of identity your likely not too happy about what perceived or self-appointed higher ups are saying and doing. Additionally, it isn’t likely that your ideas of what should change or how this or that should be done are particularly on point either. Maybe step back, hope for the best and re-evaluate based on what indisputable facts roll in and/or physical realities begin to manifest. Not all the information is in and not all the information currently in is reliable.

VIRGO: Keep plugging away Virgo. Of all the signs at the moment the more you concentrate on building the kind of future you would like to see for yourself (perhaps others too) the better you will feel. In other words, practical efforts are likely to be rewarded handsomely. Of course you might find yourself up against naysayers, less than trustworthy folks trying to steer you in other directions. You need not say much. Consider donning the strong and silent outfit to help you curtail unnecessary kerfuffle. There is plenty of necessary kerfuffle on your plate as it is.

LIBRA: You might be right …or rather you probably would be right if you were working with ALL the right information. However, chances are the intel available is 1) not reliable and 2) masquerading itself as a complete and relevant. Too many ‘things’ are changing including the information that seems to fly in the window rather continuously for you Libra. Do your best to steer clear of gossip, as hard as that may be. Also, you do well not to insist that ‘you are right’ if only because that insinuates that others are dead wrong. As a sign usually eager to maintain the scales at a balance you are keenly aware of the subtle wrongs in rights and camouflaged rights in wrongs. Needless to stay their will be a need for constant adjustment and readjustment this week.

SCORPIO: New ideas about your sense of home, the relationship with your family as far as the future is concerned are swirling around a reawakened and/or revised set of principles. This isn’t necessarily happening due to what is going on in the world outside. It has indeed been a major theme for at least a year now. Of course, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that external events have an influence – but they likely add fuel to a fire that has already been burning. That said, with Neptune stationed this week settling on a hard and fast direction won’t be easy. This is however, a good time to contemplate what would be ideal. Later on you can focus on what parts of this vision are realistic.

SAGITTARIUS: Juggling too many future possibilities can be both invigorating and maddening at the moment Sagittarius. Unfortunately, this doesn’t look like it will be a week in which you can find your groove. On a more positive note this is a great time to play around, test what you have even if it is ‘up in the air’. That alone can help you pick up on the patterns that will eventually reveal that up beat you’ve been looking for.  

CAPRICORN: If you are at all inclined to write poetry, have an urge to research mysticism, philosophy or religion now is a good week for it. Clear, concise direct speaking, freely offering your opinion, on the other hand is not going to work in your favour. It is likely to either prove frustrating on your end because you can’t find the right words or you think you have and they are misinterpreted –equally frustrating. Short story: take it all in before letting it all out.

AQUARIUS: You might be wondering if you should or shouldn’t bust out ahead of the crowd (at work, socially, publically). Mars is fueling you with the courage and fire, the push to put it all out there. However, Neptune is tricky in your chart. You may end up somewhat confused about where you stand and/or could suffer a lack of faith in your ability to make a difference. Considering Neptune’s placement, it looks like it will be more important to make difference in your own life first before climbing the pulpit.

PISCES: Oh lovely Pisces. Wherever and whenever you can express the message of love, exhibit compassion to yourself as much as others would be the most helpful role you could play under these skies. Neptune’s confusing vibes are not as likely to affect you negatively as other members of the zodiac. While you may very well have a tendency (rather, need) to escape reality you are used to emotional ups and downs that arise as a consequence. In other words, you are well equipped to handle these tides.