Sagittarius Free Weekly Horoscope Oct.9th-16th

Sagittarius October 9th-16th

You may continue to feel like hibernating a little this week
Sagittarius but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to go to work.  It is just that you wish things would slow
down.  Funny enough zeroing in on a
particular project could afford you that peace and quiet.  Loved ones will wonder where all that ‘get up
and go’ you usually possess has gone when you finally walk through the door at
the end of the day.  Chances are you are
channeling so much energy into career related issues that there isn’t really
much left over. It is possible that you are accused of avoiding someone on
purpose.  That really isn’t the case but
you will have to clarify that in order to bypass any hurt feelings or

Scorpio Free Weekly Horoscope Oct.9th-16th

Scorpio October 9th-16th

Mars, currently touring your second house suggests that you
will need to curb your desire to spend more than you have.  Since self improvement seems to have been on
your mind for some time now you may be sick of waiting for concrete results
while working from the inside out and opt to look into ways to spruce yourself
up with new cloths or a new hairstyle. 
This will be particularly evident on the 16th when Venus
squares Jupiter.  There will definitely be
events to attend between now and the 25th but you really don’t need
to make any drastic changes or add your wardrobe.  You are beautiful just the way you are
now.  It will be the company you keep
which makes you shine and bring out the best of you.