ARIES January Forecast 2013

January is a great month for career. You are content about the direction you are taking and will have plenty of drive and focus to zero in on your goals.  This is especially true for the days following the 8th when Venus, planet of love, harmony and money moves into Capricorn, your house of fame career and recognition.  Soon after, on the 11th there will be yet another New Moon in your career sector.  Last month the New Moon was also in Capricorn which occurred on the 13th.  As some of you may recall, good news with the potential of innovative plans for the future brought a smile to your face.  Something great is blossoming ….continue reading this month ‘s forecast or have all twelve monthly forecasts for Aries delivered directly to your email

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Pisces Free Weekly Horoscope Dec.11th-18th

Pisces Dec. 11th

You have got the power
this week Pisces.  No one can question
your values.  Always true to your heart,
even though it can sometimes get you in to trouble, your intentions are well
meant and based in the all encompassing aura of love.  In truth it can sometimes be difficult for you
to take the lead since you are so adamant about pleasing everybody.  This time you have the solution, which seems
to evade others, that can steer everyone in the right direction.  Set the stage with your own brand of music
and watch how others join in to create a truly melodic tune.  The New Moon in Capricorn on the 13th
suggests you really are the right person for the job.  Step up to the plate maestro the orchestra is
awaiting direction from a simple swivel of your wand.