Capricorn Free Weekly Horoscope Nov.27th-Dec.4th

Capricorn Nov. 27th – Dec.4th

Mercury prepares to move forward on the 26th
and if you have been noticing delays or miscommunication, specifically regarding
a group, community, institution or with authority figures you will begin to notice progress within the next
week or so.  You may be tempted to make a
fuss and start an unnecessary conflict about what has recently occurred but if
you hold on just a little bit longer things will naturally sort themselves out.
 The Eclipse on the 28th in
Gemini sends strong vibes to your work and health sector.  Unexpected news could bring forth an ending,
thus, a new beginning where work is concerned. 
If you have any health issues which you have been ignoring it may be
difficult to do so any longer.  It is
indeed time to take action on one or both fronts concerning work and
health.  As the month of December opens
do your best to take care of your stress levels first and foremost.  It is always better to react and make
decisions from a place of calm

Sagittarius Free Weekly Horoscope Nov.27th-Dec.4th

Sagittarius Nov.27th-Dec.4th

The Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on the 28th occurs in
your marriage, union and partnership sector. 
Meaningful conversations take place now between a loved one, business
partner or close friend.  It seems that a
commitment you made a long time ago may now come to completion or, in light of
new information a new commitment must be made. 
In any case, there is both and ending and beginning taking place which
requires your attention.  The Cancer moon
on the 1st and the influence of Mars and Jupiter could cause you to
state your case rather abruptly and perhaps, with too many bells and
whistles.  Watch your words and be as
diplomatic as possible.  Even though,
Sagittarians are devoted to speaking the truth sometimes if that is done in too
direct a manner it can shock and upset others of a more sensitive nature.