Scorpio Free Weekly Horoscope Oct.23rd-30th

Scorpio October 23rd – 30th

The week begins with the Sun tine Neptune increasing your psychic sensitivities.  Follow your hunches for they are bound to lead you in the right direction.  The Sun conjunct Saturn on the 25th several days later may find you pushing hard to set up new parameters for your life.  The work done now will have significant effects in the near future.  Venus, moves into Libra on the 28th where you may want to hide out a little bit.  It’s possible that you may have felt exposed in some way earlier in the week and so stepping out of the crowd for some personal space may be in order. The Full Moon on the 29th occurs in your seventh house of marriage and partnerships bringing to light missing pieces of the puzzle.  You knew there was a hint of tension in the air.  The truth comes out where an honest and productive conversation can now finally take place. 

Libra Free Weekly Horoscope Oct.23rd-30th

Libra October 23rd – 30th

Get ready to work hard this week Libra.  It will all be worth it in the end.  You may in fact see a decent increase in your income which will be a direct result of your efforts.  The Sun conjuncts Saturn on the 25th providing ample opportunity to earn a little extra and though you may not feel like you have all the energy you would like to accomplish what is before you it would be wise to push through since, as mentioned there will be rewards.   Venus, your ruler, moves into your sign on the 28th making you one popular person.  Expect positive attention from others now – you will simply be glowing.   This is especially fortunate if you are in sales where you have the ability to sell ice to Eskimos.

The Full Moon on the 29th occurs in your eighth house suggesting that unexpected bills may arise.  Thank goodness you will have earned enough this month to cover it.  If, however, you have spent frivolously, you may regret it and feel a little stressed out at this time.  I know I sound like a broken record, but do remember Saturn is in your second house of earned income and its influence is one which is meant to provide discipline and structure as far as spending habits goes.  Its lessons are tough but well intentioned – take heed.