AQUARIUS Free Weekly Forecast Oct.2nd-9th

Aquarius October 2nd -9th

Many planetary changes are taking place this week.  Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn will ALL be
moving signs.  Also, Jupiter will begin a
retrograde period not to resume direct motion again until the end of January
2013.  Needless to say for all signs
there will be a period of transition which, for some could be uncomfortable and
for others it will feel like a weight has been lifted.  Please read your monthly forecast which will
discuss Saturn’s big move.  This planet lasts
in a sign for two to three years and so it is more of a long term

Mercury, planet of communication will be entering Aquarius’
tenth house of career and long term goals. 
You are likely to be thinking of new plans for the future and/or fine
tuning ideas you have had for some time now. 
As Mars moves into your eleventh house of friendship and networking it
would be wise to make appointments with others whom are sitting in the very
seat you would like to be sitting in one day. 
Advisors, counselors or spiritual guides can open your eyes and inspire
you to take a serious stab a creating the life you always dreamed of.   Venus’
move into Virgo on the 3rd in your eighth house of transformation
allows you to go over the practical details involved.