Jupiter in Scorpio


October 10th, 2017  to  November 8th, 2018

You could say Jupiter is the valedictorian in the school of life.  Armed with sound reasonings persuading us to believe there are good things to come.  Jupiter knows it’s a wide wide world and has its sights set on experiencing as much of it as possible.  

During it’s gallivant through Libra, hopefully we’ve caught onto the idea, (via personal experience) the benefits that can be had when everyone  strives to work together. It may have been tough juggling our opinions with others, struggling to maintain degree of harmony.  Yet, acquiescing to a near constant feeling of being up in the air does come with its share of rewards.   Depending on where Jupiter falls in your chart the ‘reward’ will vary by sign (touched on in your weekly forecast).  

A planet’s departure from a sign usually signals the release of its greatest gift,  preparing us to shift with it into new territory.   As lucky Jupiter carries on then, we will likely notice we’ve expanded our reach in certain areas of life. Our knowledge base has grown.  There are reasons to be optimistic about our relationships.  All of this was made possible (or at least the opportunity was there) due to Jupiter’s high-minded approach; often bypassing the petty details –preferring to focus on the lighter aspects of macro perspectives. Of course, that doesn’t mean the dark side of big picture theories haven’t emerged over the passed year. Yet, under the influence of Libra, Jupiter hasn’t provoked us intensely enough to get to the root of what’s been causing private kerfuffles and/or what seems to be evidence of a hell on earth in the public sphere. A reason to celebrate Jupiter’s move into Scorpio this week.  

 Considered a sign that casts everything in black or white terms, Scorpio does not do so without engaging in deep psychological investigations. This is the sign that tirelessly works to transform itself – tapping into powerful energy reserves more often found hidden in the dark, so to speak.    Imagine working in the dark, with unwavering perseverance to solve a problem, get the job done.  The more intently you focus, the less you let your fears get in the way, you notice, bit by bit, your eyes adjust picking up whatever light there is.  And light is, undeniably, energy – the secret of Scorpio’s stamina revealed. 

As Jupiter’s begins its year long tour through Scorpio’s terrain remember there is always some light available.  The more you see, the more there is to ‘see’ – a definite asset when trying to make effective changes.  You may have to stay with it a little longer, focus more intently, but it’s there.

From now until autumn 2018 inner dialogues en mass will echo ‘I’ve got to work on this’. Remember Jupiter is synonymous with optimism, learning, experience and luck – a welcome guest in any sign. If what you are working on can be described as an attempt to make this a better world (privately or publicly), all you’ve really got to do is roll up your sleeves – Jupiter will light the way. 






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October 5th, 2017

This Full Moon, in Warrior Aries, casts a spotlight on how others influence our lives, our relationships, our role within the collective and as individuals. It may feel as if we are at a crossroads, in a position where achieving a compromise is near impossible. In turn, emotionally charged debates will ensue creating a sense that a definite winner must emerge and someone or something must wear the loser’s crown.

Pluto’s harsh angle to the Sun and Moon reminds (or strong arms) us to deeply consider the costs, the potential consequences of the outcome we are rooting for. It’s important to note that Pluto often incites change of the permanent variety, transformations of the inner self and causes cold hard (sometimes painful) truths to emerge. Pairing that with the vibrant fiery energies of Aries and a desperate need for resolution under a Libran Sun and we truly have something to think about. In fact, as Venus and Mars join forces in Virgo, the desire to figure this out will be strong. 

On a positive note, there is a great deal of courage that will be awakened as Lunar vibes reach a peak on the 5th. Still, an undeniable urge to step up to the plate can produce either a certain queasiness or ramp up a ridiculous amount of confidence. It’s also possible that, before you realize where you are standing, (perhaps you’re stunned or mentally stuck on the spot) there won’t be much choice but to take a full swing. So then, does it matter whether you are doing it for personal glory or for the team if you bat it out of the park? And exactly which side, in the grand scheme, stands to gain or suffer a loss.





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