CANCER Free Weekly Horoscope Mar.27th-Apr.3rd

Cancer Mar.27th-Apr.3rd

It is time to let go Cancer.  There are changes taking place on the work front which may cause you to temporarily feel a tad uneasy.  Perhaps issues at home are compounding the problem or so you may think.  All is not as it seems.  It is true there are tensions surrounding you right now but, they are hidden.  As they begin to surface in the next few weeks you will have a better idea on how to handle the situation.  For now, unfortunately try not to hang on to impulsive judgements.  This too shall pass.

GEMINI Free Weekly Horoscope Mar.27th-Apr.3rd

Gemini Mar.27th-Apr.3rd

Try not to judge yourself too harshly this week Gemini.  It could be that recent interactions with members of your peer group have you comparing what kind of life they have with the one you do.  Take the time to slow down and really go over all the positive aspects of your life.  Every decision you have made to get you where you are now was born out of what you personally value and at this point, the variety of experiences you have had far out weigh the ‘stuff’ others have accumulated.