Pisces Free Weekly Horoscope May 1st-8th

Pisces May 1st-8th

Mercury will be spending its last few days in your second
house of earned income.  You may have
noticed an increase in earnings but you have also had to work hard for it and
are due for a break.  You can afford it
now.  The Full Moon on the 5th
may make you especially sensitive and in a way you may be a little hard on
yourself.  You are knowledgeable about
many things but somehow you feel that you do not yet have enough to feel
confident.  This feeling will pass – no
one knows everything until they realize they know nothing.

Aquarius Free Weekly Horoscope May 1st-8th

Aquarius May 1st-8th

As mentioned in last month’s horoscope Mercury has been
visiting your third house.  This week it
will spend its last few days there tying up any matters concerning family or
communication of creative ideas with others. 
The Full Moon on the 5th will be in your tenth house which
may make you more sensitive than usual regarding a work situation.  It is likely that you will blast through
these feelings but putting another in their place, so to speak.   You will not be taken advantage of or walked
on by anyone.